Thursday, January 1, 2009

Very Quick Sun Bowl Thoughts

This is going to be very brief just because I'm so disgusted with the game from yesterday and nobody wants to read another rant about our offense.

What I've Learned This Season:

  1. Matt Cavanaugh is the worst coordinator in the nation. His playcalling and inability to get a quarterback ready for a game is mind-numbing. Having him around instantly makes whoever you have at QB worse. He needs to be fired.
  2. The defense is getting good. I thought the defense did a great job and McKillop put an exclamation point on a great career. One of the best Panther linebackers ever.
  3. The offensive line is still a huge question mark. I thought towards the end of the season the unit as a whole was playing good football but yesterday was certainly a big time setback. Wanny gets too much credit for his recruiting of the offensive line and he has really mismanaged some of the younger talent.
  4. Stull can't play another snap as a starting quarterback here. His play in the second half of the season has been terrible. He is playing as bad as I have ever seen a QB play. Getting a legitimate starting quarterback ready for camp in the spring is priority number 1.
  5. Laying this big of an egg on national tv is a big black eye to the program. National opinion on this team is going to be bad.
  6. This may be the best Wanny can do. Everything went right for us this season and we still gave away games. I worry about the future of this program as a top-end Big East team. No way will the Big East be as poor as it was this year again.
Well that is it. Happy New Year everbody and thanks for reading us last year and hopefully you will continue to read next year.


johnny said...

Happy New Year to you guys and to all the listeners. Thanks for some great entertainment over the last few months.

I am waiting to hear Dave's analysis before I throw down my two cents.

Jones, your bullet points are on the money as usual, and I just want to address #1 & #4. It's unfortunate, since Cav seems like a good man, but it is clear that not much will change without some new blood at his position. We saw what a difference it made going from Rhoads to Bennett. I'll throw a strange silver lining with the following paradox: For the good of the program, a 3-0 loss may have been better than a 6-3 win, based on the track record of loyalties.

Without bashing Stull, I will say that it's my opinion that Pat Bostick should have been the starter all year and needs to be the starter coming out of the Spring. In Bostick I trust.

Big recruiting weekend coming up, so blow the roof off of the Pete against St. John's. In the words of Layne Staley, No Excuses.

Nick said...

Layne Staley=God

Nick said...

Layne Staley=God