Sunday, January 18, 2009

It all comes down to tonight

* edit * - The Pens win and the Eagles loss has me feeling a little bit better right now. Although I must say I do feel bad for my fellow Panther fans who are Eagles fans because right now they are probably feeling much worse than me.

If the Steelers don't win tonight I will consider this one of the worst weeks ever for Pittsburgh sports.

I am very hopeful that the Steelers win and some how the Eagles lose so that campus isn't unbearable for 2 weeks.

Many people get mad at Pitt fans for being so negative, but just being honest and open about it, we lost our best offensive player this week. We lost our number 1 ranking.

I love all of the Pittsburgh sports teams, so I can only hope tonight after the Penguins have won, the Steelers have us looking forward to playing Arizona.


John said...

The Super Bowl is in Tampa this year not Miami.

Michael said...

it doesn't matter. WE IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW!