Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is far from surprising

Kevan Smith was always considered a project for the Pitt Panthers. We knew he had the physical tools required to be a great quarterback, but what he didn't have was the other intangibles that it takes to make a successful quarterback. Kevan took over for Stull last year when he was hurt and really didn't impress anyone. After a few snaps this year against Notre Dame, it appeared his fate was sealed.

At the end of the season, Dave Wannstedt and company had considered moving Kevan to tight end, but Kevan and his family were less than thrilled with that idea.

So the choice has been made that Kevan will play for the Panther baseball team. This is a good move for Kevan as he was always considered a better baseball player than football player. I had thought that after last year Kevan would have made the switch but it never came.

The good news is that this will open up an extra scholarship which will allow us to fall into the 20-22 (possibly 23) range for this years class. The bad news is that Kevan won't be on the football team next year. I never root against any player and I always hope that they can prove the doubters wrong and have a great deal of success at Pitt and beyond. Hopefully in Kevan's case this switch helps him get to the MLB.

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johnny said...

Best of luck to Kevan and we appreciate his service to the team. I understand that he is well on his way to earning his degree and it seems that he has been nothing but a fine ambassador to the University. Hopefully the Pitt baseball team has landed an outstanding catcher.