Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't EFFING believe it!

Here, read this and tell me how you feel.

Do you want to know how I feel? I'm seriously disgusted. Sure, we all knew (as I posted below) that Stull was going to be the starting quarterback next year, but Cavanaugh really?

This guy has done nothing since the day he has been here. He can't run an offense, he doesn't know how to utilize weapons, he doesn't understand the limitations of his players, his play calling atrocious, and most importantly the so called great developer he is hasn't been able to develop a quarterback.

This is the biggest joke for the University since I have been here.

So much for Wanny being mad at Cavvy for the poor play calling at WVU, the poor play calling that cost us the Bowling Green game, and being humiliated at the Sun Bowl.

Does he not understand that no matter where he has went throughout his head coaching tenure with the Bears, Dolphins, and now Pitt, he has never had his own quarterback that he developed actually be successful? Does he understand that this isn't the NFL in 1980, this is college football in 2009. You need an offense that can put up points fast if you want to be highly successful.

Wannstedt has never had a great offense as a head coach and Matt Cavanaugh has never had a decent offense as offensive coordinator at any job that either has held.

If this choice is Wannstedt telling Steve Peterson that he won't listen to him, then it is time for the staff to be cleared out. We can't have the good ol' boy system where you look out for your friends and make sure they have jobs even though their performance indicates they should have been let go yesterday.

This has been the hallmark of the staff since the moment they were hired. The is 0 accountability from the staff. We always used to joke about "Not My Fault Walt" but really, when was the last time you heard Wannstedt accept responsibility. This season Cavanaugh admitted a few times that his game plans were poor and the results of which led us to lose to Bowling Green as well as struggle against Iowa and Buffalo.

If this move was done just for recruiting purposes, then this was the wrong move. If they were afraid of losing someone due to letting Cavanaugh go, then they are being very short sighted. They might keep 1 or 2 guys now, but eventually they will lose out on better prospects who do not want to play in this stone aged based offense.

We often lose out on top flight quarterbacks due to our style, but not getting rid of Cavvy plus the performance we just showed this season (especially at the Sun Bowl) will be a great tactic for other schools to use against us.

I said that if Cavanaugh was returning I would not be enthusiastic about next season and not invest so much of my time, money, heart, and soul into the football team. It appears that I will have to follow my word.

So next year at the games, you will not see me sitting in the front row of the student section. I will be moving else where in the stadium to an assigned seat so that I don't have to worry about waiting in line for hours then running to my seat. Instead I will have a nice assigned seat, I will park outside of the stadium and enjoy a few drinks with my friends.

It's amazing how this coaching staff can kill the passion of one of the most passionate fans, but congrats Wanny and staff, you have managed to do so.

I will enjoy our men's and women's basketball teams and know that they are heading in the right direction.

Hail to Pitt.


Michael said...

As incumbent leader of the Cat Basket, my first order of business is to implore the Druids to get Wanny fired, Cav lynched, and Stull set adrift on an iceberg.

DPJ said...

i thought you headed the Stull fan club?

johnny said...

Goddamn it! Just...goddamn it!

I am at an utter lack of words to express my disgust with these choices. Short-sighted doesn't even begin to express this fallacy. I'm sorry, but even if losing Cav means Shady leaving early and losing out on Kolby Gray, then it's best for the long run.

This is the same groupthink, myopic bullshit that's held the program back for years. I pray that some of the fine readers of this blog are from Eastern PA, and other places all over the country so that our next generation of big money donors isn't a flock of middle-aged Yinzer dipshits who need "A Pittsburgh Guy" to be captain of this ship. And before you blast me for that last comment, I grew up in the Pittsburgh suburbs, much like DPJ and Jones, and I am fairly sure that they feel the same way.

Also, if we never have another WPIAL quarterback again, I will be a happy man.

rkohberger said...

Johnny, I think you should poke both your eyes out so that you don't have to read things like this again, as it upsets you so much.

But before you do that take another look at where PITT ended up in offense in the BE this year - top of the heap in scoring.

I'm not the biggest Cav fan, but I do wonder how much he has had to work with at QB in the last two years - between Bostick and Stull it hasn't been that much.

Don't forget to turn off the radio also.

Michael said...

take a look at who scored those touchdowns. shady is the the lone bright spot of this offense. Stull had nine touchdowns this year. nine. he also had ten INT's. i say we blame half on stull for his inability to make a pass, and half on cavanaugh for making those god awful playcalls. bostick started one game, and as I recall, we won that game!
and johnny. I'm from eastern pa!

johnny said...

Mr. Kohberger,

I'm not about to kick a puppy across the room since Cav is back, or anything like that. Rather, my problem extends to the insulated culture of the staff and the program.

In order to turn the proverbial corner, we require a fresh face with fresh ideas. I happen to feel that the answer lies outside the confluence of the Three Rivers in this case.

Kurt said...

how about some offensive line help. as Big Ben is finding out , its hard to be a pro bowl qb when u are on your back 50% of the time, and getting you head torn off the other 50% all in order to throw to wrs who couldn't catch a cold during flu season. Up grades at every position on O will help, starting w/ ol and getting some reliable wrs!!!! =) hail to Pitt # 1 in mens B-Ball in top 25 both fb and womens BB

Anthony said...

Wanny is stupidly stubborn and that has been the wrap against him all along. How is McCoy going to be a Heisman candidate when his services aren't even called upon? Why doesn't Pitt hire a quality QB coach (after all, Harris was the QB coach not the offensive coordinator at OSU when Pederson hired him). Basically Wannedstet is saying screw everybody I know everything. Kinda reminds me of the worst president ever - the one about to vacate Washington DC hated by 80% of Americans.

rkohberger said...

Hey, If DW fired Cav this morning, you wouldn't hear me complaining about it.

However, we PITT fans better be prepared to have some cold reality dashed in our face should we change OCs. That doesn't always result in positive gains - it's a crap shoot just like every other personnel change you may make.

My point is - and I'm not saying this is the right way to be - that we know what type of personality DW is. He's not a guy that embraces change. He looks at something and tries to see the positive first, then makes changes based on using that positive as a baseline.

Well, in this case the fact that we scored a lot of points, and won a lot of games, is that baseline. DW may look at that and think "Hmmm, not so bad even with Bill Stull as QB"

It's all well and good as PITT fans to to talk and debate about what should or shouldn't be done. That's why we are fans. But I try to also always see DW's side of things - even if I disagree with him on some of his decisions. Because debating at our level is one thing, but talking about what probably is going to transpire is another all together, and needs to be part of any conversation.