Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What would it take?

This is just going to be a hypothetical thing as I can't even fathom the answer to some of these questions.

So feel free to answer 1, some, or all at your leisure.

1. What would it take for the most passionate Pitt fans to start to lose faith in this team?

2. What would it take for Dave Wannstedt to voluntarily relieve Cavanaugh of his duties before pressure was put on him by anyone else?

3. What would it take for the most staunch Wannstedt supporter to lose faith in him.

4. What would it take for the people you always hear screaming for the backup to be satisfied with the starting quarterbacks play.

5. What would it take for Dave Wannstedt to change his philosophy and adapt to college instead of trying to make it fit his mold?

6. What would happen if the results be if we lost the home opener to an inferior opponent?

7. What would happen if we won the Big East next season?

8. What would happen if the big money donors demanded some sort of change in the football program?

9. What would happen if Shady left this year?

10. What would happen if Peterson and Wannstedt went head to head much like Walt and Steve did back in the early 2000's.



Kyle said...

1] The most passionate fans do not lose faith in their teams. Ever. That's why there are still detriot lions jerseys sold every year.

7] If Pitt wins the BCS, we'll go to the Sugar Bowl.

Michael said...

Shady's gone. He declared. Next year Wanny will be exposed

rkohberger said...

Well, I'd lose my faith in Dave Wannstedt as a Head Coach if we started reading about underhanded dealings, illegal recruiting or personal malfeasance. Other than that, which I'm pretty sure Dave Wannstedt is adamant about not happening, I have great respect for him and don't care too much about the W/L record.

Of course, I didn't buy into the "Next Level" statements when Harris was fired anyway - but that's a whole different story. And, if DW and Pedersen went "head to head" in wouldn't be anything like the situation with Harris.

As to losing to an inferior opponent in the opening game - I'll take that if we would have the same nine wins like we did this year. It has nothing to do with BE play, therefore has nothing to do with the BE championship and the goal of playing in a BCS bowl. For a team like PITT, the only realistic road to a BCS game is the BE championship - everything else is window dressing. Which is why I crack up about fans bitching about not being ranked in the pre-season like it's a life or death thing. If teams like Utah and Boise State have no shot at a NC after the wonderful seasons they put up recently - what chance does any BE team really have? Once in a blue moon when a team like WVU finishes a great three year run maybe.

It's a shot in the dark, and IF it happens it will have to be a perfect storm of circumstances for PITT.

Big Money Donors? The only time they flex their collective muscles is when the University is being embarrassed, not because the football team doesn't win one or two more games than they hoped.