Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nunez is #18

After his official visit to Pitt was in the lead for Bernardo Nunez. Well, it is official that Mr. Nunez has decided Pitt would be the place for him to play his college ball.

The verbal by Nunez now puts us up to 18 guys for the class of 2009. It will be interesting to see how things play out as the staff is looking to take 18-20 guys this year, but are still actively recruiting many more players than that (Holmes, Bush, Mason, etc.).

I have a feeling Pitt will end up having a class in the 22-24 range. Taking extra guys usually isn't a problem since some of the recruits may not earn eligibility and some of the current roster may not be back next season.

We're just a few weeks away from LOI day so this all will be coming to a close shortly.


johnny said...

An outstanding offer sheet on this kid and another quality get for Haffley. If he can help Berry to take it to the next level, which I think is quite possible, and we see some depth emerging from all of our young DB's, then we'll know that we have an invaluable positions coach with a bright future ahead.

Also, as I've said before: Mason, Bush, Gordon, Holmes. Do it!

rkohberger said...

I don't know if Hafley is the answer at DB coach - but somethings got to change. With Chris Ball in 2007 at least we had consistent DB play - and it was at a high level. In 2008 Hafley took over and our DBs were the Achilles Heel of the defense - and IMO as much to blame for our losses as was the coaching and/or the QB play.

If the first year of any coaches time at a school is a 'gimme' then let's be glad last year is over. But, we have talented players at DB and should be getting excellent play as opposed to what we had - pretty much poor play across the schedule.

Sorry, but IMO his recruiting efforts, while appreciated, don't make up for lack of production in his main responsibilities.

This has to be an area of concentrated effort on DW's part if we want to equal or better our 9-4 record in 2009. With us losing McCoy we need a good consistent defense to keep us in the games because we have no idea what our offense is going to do next year.