Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dominoes are falling into place

Well something happened today that many of us felt would happen back in September. Dan Mason is officially verbal #19 of the class of 2009. Mason is a very talented linebacker. We will need him very shortly as he will be capable to make big plays in the defense. Also, the staff feels that the linebacker position is one where we may need to make some changes due to the current group not performing up to the expected level. Hopefully with the return of Greg Williams, he can provide some stability to a group facing a high level of uncertainty. Shane Murray is still a question mark because we don't know how he will perform after coming off a season ending injury.

Hopefully this spring and summer we see some good, hard fought, fun battles at linebacker and that the best players separate themselves to become starters.

Anyway, welcome aboard Dan. I'm glad that instead of seeing you beat my Blue and Gold Butler Tornado, you will be joining our blue and gold Panthers. You have the talent, natural ability, and drive to be a very special player at Pitt. Hopefully everything works out for the best and this is just the beginning of what could be a special career.

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johnny said...

Tremendous pickup by the staff. I am especially excited that it looks like the Penn Hills pipeline to Pitt may be opening up again, not least of which is that it looks like they have a couple of younger guys who look like they will be impact players as well.

I hope that the staff is not done recruiting Gordon as well. Malcolm Bush or Ike Holmes commitments this weekend would also be solid.