Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sun Bowl Info

For all of those who are interested in some info about the Sun Bowl and what is going on, I'd thought I'd share some of the info with you.

First off, their fan guide says that no signs, banners, or flags are allowed into the stadium. Well that is too bad because I will be bringing my Pitt flag into the stadium as well as carry it with me through out the rest of the day as we celebrate a Pitt win.

One thing different from the Sun Bowl compared to Heinz Field is that their gates will open 2.5 hours before kick off. That won't be a problem for most of Pitt's traveling fans as we usually show up well after kick off. For people like Brian (my traveling buddy) and myself we'll probably end up in line at 8 a.m. like we do for every home game.

There is a bunch of stuff going on Dec 30th. The sun bowl luncheon (50$), The Sun Bowl 5k Run and 1 Mile Fun Walk will be preceding the Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta. I have 0 desire to go to the luncheon or the run but I expect to be at the Fan Fiesta. For all of you Pittsburghers going, they will be doing a fire works show. So I expect to see every Pitt fan in attendance for that (especially the fireworks).

On game day, there will be a fun zone for the kids starting at 10:30 until kickoff. The big thing is that we need to be in our seats around 11:30. That is when they will introduce the 2008 Legends of the Sun Bowl, Introduce the 2008 Sun Court (WTF IS THAT?), Introduce the 75th all time anniversary team (including a few Panthers), Performances by our band and the beaver band. Lastly they'll conclude with the Golden Nights Army Parachute Team. I think we were supposed to have this at Pitt a few years back but due to windy conditions they had to cancel it.

Following the game, Miss Thea (a Sun Bowl rep) told me that Cincinnati Ave is the place to go. The biggest yinzer thing about me is I really really hate change. So following the game and probably all the way through new years, you'll probably find Brian and I at Hemingway's. Now it's not the same Hemingway's as in Oakland, but the name is close enough to get me to go. Thea recommends it, so I'll give it a check out and hope that it is worth staying at. For those wondering the location of the joint is 214 Cincinnati Ave.

If you were going to ask if I am planning on traveling to Juarez...........HAHAHAHA NO! I don't want to die just yet. I'll try to be safe in El Paso and then take my chances mouthing off to Georgetown fans in D.C.

The one death defying thing I did want to check out was the Wyler Aerial Tramway. Sadly it looks like it is closed on Tuesday which is the only day we would be able to go since we have the game stuff on Wednesday and fly to D.C. on Thursday.

Other than that we don't have too much planned right now. We're gonna take a relax and enjoy approach to this little trip.

If you are around, we will be staying at the La Quinta west and will probably be taking the Sun Bowl shuttle to get around. We'll probably hang up a sign or a roll-a-banna to paint El Paso blue and gold.

Anyway, Jason Jones will be leading you through the Sun Bowl coverage from here on out.

Lets Go Pitt!

(also, if you're going to the Pitt / Georgetown game, stop by Bar Louie for a pregame drink with the Cat Basket/Oakland Zoo)


johnny said...


The Sun Court seems to be the local beauty pageant much like how there is a court for the Tournament of Roses Parade. I could think of worse ways to kill a few minutes than checking out some lovely local girls in evening gowns for a few minutes.

Have a blast.

johnny said...

Let's do it. HTP!

Michael said...

god damnit