Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pitt loses 2 more

One day after finding out that Kevan Smith would be joining the baseball team, the Post Gazette is reporting that Scott Corson and John Bachman will not be returning next year. I am surprised that the news of this broke as quickly as it did and surprised that it happened one day after the Kevan Smith news. In the world of Pitt sports, it makes sense to announce it now. As the Steelers gear up for the Super Bowl and Pitt and WVU take the backyard brawl to the hardwood in Morganhole, this story probably won't get much attention.

From the moment he got to Pitt, Scott Corson struggled in the classroom. I'm unaware of whether the problems were from him just not being able to handle the classes or if he didn't put in the effort like Mo Williams. One thing people over look is that college isn't the easiest thing to get through. If it were, there would be many more people around with college degrees. You never want to see any student fail, but with the tools that Pitt provides for their athletes, they are given every chance to succeed.

Hopefully Scott can pick up somewhere else where he can excel in and out of the classroom. I will always have a special place in my heart for Scott because the story of Dickrod stalking him outside of his high school made me laugh at how desperate the hoopies are.

John Bachman has had a difficult road at Pitt. He always seemed to try hard but whether it was the injuries he suffered or just limited ability, John never developed into the player we thought he might be able to become. He switched to many different positions throughout the offensive line and was given a decent amount of playing time during his career at Pitt.

Just like Scott, one of the things I will remember most about John is entering a restaurant in El Paso across from the team hotel. As we were walking in Mr. and Mrs. Bachman were leaving. They smiled at us and said Go Pitt.

I'm sure there will be some other players to go but I don't think that we will hear about it for a while.


rkohberger said...

This news isn't surprising, even the switch to baseball by Kevan Smith. Although Bachman did get a lot of playing time over his four years - if you recall he played most of the Sun Bowl due to injuries. So DW must feel pretty comfortable with the younger OL back ups to let Bachman go.

Corson's case was, I believe, one without much choice involved on DW's part. I understand academics played the larger role here. In his five years at PITT Wannstedt has made it a point to keep players on the roster for a full four years (or arrange injury/illness scholarships for them ) as long as they were still students in good standing. He's a firm believer in commitment on both parties. If a kid agrees to come to PITT at DW's request and stays on top of his academics, DW gives him a full four years to get a degree. Not all college HCs do that, and I applaud it.

So, to see Corson - who would be a rs JR in 2009 - leave the team pretty much says it all about the classroom work.

I was hoping Smith would be able to switch to another position and keep contributing (long snapper was rumored also in addition to TE) as he's been a real trooper for the football program since he verballed.

Most fans don't realize what a very bright future he had as a HS baseball star, and how his choosing PITT football went against the advice given from some serious baseball coaches and scouts.

Smith did everything he was asked to do in his time on the team and I though he was a great role model out there. He's made a good choice in the end though and I'll be keeping an eye on his baseball career in the future.

johnny said...

Word is that Shane Gordon is a soft verbal to Pitt pending a visit to Kansas this weekend. Hopefully he cancels the trip by this weekend and solidifies his commitment. Any thoughts?

DPJ said...

Im going to post on it right now.