Monday, January 12, 2009

The results of the Bowl Challenge

Well folks, three of us took part in a challenge to see who could correctly predict the most bowl games. We decided to use the total amount of points in the Pitt game as a tie breaker if need be. So here are the results.

3rd Place: DPJ. Well what can I say. Picking 16 of 34 bowl games correctly isn't exactly something to be proud of. I'll just use the excuse that it's often the most unlikely person that wins your office pool during the basketball tournament so that I don't feel too bad coming in 3rd place.

2nd Place: Jason Jones. Well technically Jason and Johnny were tied in points at 18 picking over 50% of the bowl games correctly, but it came down to the total points tie breaker. Jason was close to the total points in his prediction. He said there would be a combined 51 while there in fact, was only 3 total points scored.

1st Place: Johnny. He took the title home because he was only about 40 points off in his Pitt/OSU prediction. Early on it looked like he was going to sweep the competition as his early picks were hitting early and often, but in the end he cooled down and Jason's picks started coming through.

Anyway I hope we can do this next year and I hope we have more participants, but congrats to Johnny for winning this years bowl challenge.


johnny said...

It was a privilege going up against two such esteemed experts of college football in the Bowl Challenge. I also hope that more of you opt to join in next year.


Any Shane Gordon sightings at the game? He is to me what Kolby is to you, and I really hope that we land the kid.

Cat Basket said...

Shane Gordon was at the game. We put a few things up on the white board for him but he never came over to check off the box next to his name. We even dedicated one full white board to him several times.

His mom did enjoy what we did for him and took several pictures. He chuckled at a few of the signs and gave me a thumbs up when I wrote "The linebacker tradition continues" and then listed: 1. Gerald Hayes 2. HB Blades 3. Scott McKillop 4. Shane Gordon.

Hopefully we land this kid and land him soon.