Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pitt vs the Hoopies Live blog

Well this should be pretty interesting. We got myself, Jones, Scudzy, and the hoopie lady in attendance tonight at the DPJ household for the game.

7:55 - Turner didn't turn around for the ball and it led to a bad INT. WVU gets the ball and of course we can't stop them on 3rd down. Hopefully this doesn't turn into 7.

8:00 - McAfee misses the FG. Good for us. The hoopie is pissed.

8:12 - A lot of punts going on. Jason and the hoopie are getting into some good debates. I feel another 3 and out is in order, but we will see.

8:21 - Nice to see Thatcher listened to my advice and hit the shit out of White. And McAFEE WITH A MISS! Time to score here Pitt. Hoopie anger level reaching new highs.

8:48 - Bostick with another pick. That was a hell of an interception though. No worries though, Bostick will get his chance. Is it too early to say wildcat with Mo Williams?

8:58 - White hurt with a thumb injury. I'm not too excited. Last big game I saw a qb get injured, Drew Bledsoe beat the Steelers in the AFC championship. I hope this doesn't happen again.

9:03 - Looked like a flop to me. Thats a bull shit call and then a TD. Fucking bullshit.

9:16 - Well this should be 3-3 at worst, but a crap call here and a crap call there and we are down by 4. I can live with that. I hope we can make the required adjustments and win this game.

9:46 - OH NOOOO!!!!!!!! PITT IN THE LEAD!!!! CAT BASKET HIMSELF!! Way to go Bostick. We are up 3. If we win, the hoopie may never talk to me again, but that's something that I'm ready to take. We need this. Lets keep going.

9:51 - Oh boy, 3 and out but a sideline warning. Oh my. Hoopie and Jones are getting in a fight. Interesting stuff at the 305 MIA. C'mon!!

10:04 - Bullshit holding call. This game should be 17-7 but the big east officials fuck it all up. I'll say this. The Big East officials have fucked more than any coach ever. And connor lee misses the field goal. This is bullshit. It is obvious who the refs want to win. BULLSHIT!

10:15 - Berry with a dumb penalty. It is ok though because this drive can take time off the clock. Lets see what we can do.

10:18 - Strong with the play of the game. Way to keep this drive alive. In case you want a hoopie update. Well this might be the end of the relationship despite me giving her free steeler sideline passes for tomorrow. Let's see what happens.

10:26 - First down McCoy following the crazy fumble. I think the hoopie may never talk to me again. I hope she realizes it is just football, but if Pitt can win this would be great C'mon Pitt! Time out Pitt. This is a good time out. Get that time out in and calm this team down. This could be the change in the Pitt program we have all wanted. The Defense has been great. Keep it up Rhoads. Like we said earlier in the week, your job is safe. Lets win this damn game!!

10:32 - Pitt up 13 to 7. I wish it were 20-7 but we do what we have to do. I just hope we can win this game.

10:36 - Mr. White back after a big Noel "Not your christmas" Devine return.


10:44 - MORE FUCKING HORSE SHIT!!! THAT IS A BULL SHIT FUCKING CALL! We have been critical against Turner, but he has been ripped off twice this game. This is fucking bullshit. C'mon refs. The refs didn't even call holding against the DB which was completely obvious.

10:51 - WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!!!!! LIFE TIME CONTRACT FOR WANNSTEDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Rhoads may have just got himself a head coaching position somewhere with that amazing performance.


Brian Ising said...

You still think Paul Rhoads should be canned? I say give him an extension and a raise for this performance.

vince sartori said...

rhoads may have showed some brillance, but cavanaugh was pretty awful....AWESOME WIN PITT!

Matthew said...

i was there. that was the most incredible sporting even i have ever witnessed. i still cant believe it.

Studzy said...

i'll say this again: while this was the greatest win in the series, and as jones put it, the biggest fuck you of the series, i still think rhodes should be given an ultimatum. however, i understand that sir pederson don't fuck around. rhodes and wanny should still look over their shoulders as a result.

i'm surprised i saw that many people out for the post game riot. everyone said it was nuts but they werent here 2 years ago for the steeler riots.

doesnt matter anyway. we won. we crushed the hoopies. its so great

J Jones said...

I'm going to write a column today about the game but I need more time to collect myself.

My quick thoughts are give Wannstedt a lifetime extension and Scott McKillop has to be an All Amercian.

Sean said...


Soulja Boy

The fight song gives you chills.

J Jones said...

That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

vince sartori said...


Brian Ising said...

Paul Rhoads is the best coach on the staff, except for maybe Gattuso. Instead of hoping that Rhoads gets fired, we should be worried that he leaves for a head coaching job.

J Jones said...

I think you might be right. Rhoads seems to have really released this team and allowed them to play. I could see this getting Rhoads a head coaching job next year.

I really don't even know what to say about the game yet, it hasn't sunk in.

headband jones said...

what could every top this win? Beating the hoopies to go to the national championship? and then winning? That's all I could think of.

DPJ said...

To me, the change really happened when Wanny went up stairs in the booth. Maybe he saw something Rhoads was doing that wasn't working. Who knows. Since then we starting bringing pressure. Did you notice how we kept a safety near the line the entire game which forced wvu to run right at Scott McKillop. To me, that was the greatest defensive design we have come up with in quite some time.

Brian Ising said...

We did have a safety near the line on nearly every play, but he was almost always lined on the outside, not in the middle. Also, I think that our DE's and OLB's were lined up further outside than usual. We knew that we had no answer for WVU's speed if they ran outside, so I think the plan was to bait them into running inside instead. In spite of all of their speed, almost every running play was up the middle. This was because Pat White was reading our DE's and going inside, but our DT's and S. McKillop were there waiting for him.

We have always complained that the difference between Pitt and WVU was coaching. But at least for one night, Wanny and Rhoads thoroughly outcoached the offensive mastermind, RichRod. Our defensive gameplan was fantastic, and I'm sure many other coaches will be studying this tape to try to figure out how to slow down WVU in the future.