Sunday, December 9, 2007

More quarterback controversy

Some early reports this weekend had Tino Sunseri backing out of his Louisville commitment and verballing to the Panthers. Now I've checked with my sources and they aren't confirming or denying this situation which basically means my sources do not know at this point.

Some of the more popular recruiting websites have kept this information quiet which also makes me think that only a few people know the truth. Usually when someone commits the info is easily found across the internet. Right now all we have are a few people who claim to have the inside info as well as PSR saying the same.

If all goes as planned and Sunseri and Cross commit to Pitt we will have an interesting situation brewing. We will have a 6 man battle for the quarterback spot next year.

Billy Stull, Pat Bostick, Kevan Smith, Greg Cross, Tino Sunseri, and Zach Stoudt would all be in the race. Stull should be considered the front runner as the staff feels Bostick really needs to redshirt and work on some mechanics. Kevan Smith played poorly enough early in the season that it will take something amazing from him to win the job. Greg Cross is a dual threat qb with great speed. I would say he would be the logical #2 in this race based upon natural ability and the added dimension he could add to the offense. I also believe that Stoudt and Sunseri, if both become Panthers would redshirt. This situation is much like the Getsy/Palko situation we saw when they were freshmen. Palko saw some time while Getsy redshirted. The next season, the reverse happened. In the end Getsy was upset that he was not named the starter and had a great career with JD Brookhart in Akron. I really can't expect all 6 qb's to stay on the roster. Stull is old enough that he really shouldn't transfer because he would only have one year of eligibility left. Smith may leave, and as a poster said earlier on my previous post, an OSU offer could pull Stoudt away from us.

We will see what shall happen. This definitely will make for an interesting spring and fall battle in camp.

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