Saturday, December 15, 2007

Putting the Pieces together

Well today was a big day for the Pitt Panthers. JuCo center Robb Houser made a wise choice and decided that the last two years of his college career would be best spent at Pitt. When it basically came down to Pitt and Syracuse you had to feel great about where we stood. Wannstedt really knows how to recruit and with some wins (like the WVU game) could really make a huge splash nationally in the recruiting scene.

Speaking of recruiting, Shayne Hale, Cameron Saddler, and Jonathan Baldwin were all in attendance at the Pitt/OSU bball game today. For a long time Hale did not even consider Pitt, however friend and teammate Cameron Saddler chose Pitt, and Hale then became interested. Many felt that Hale/Saddler were a package deal and if that is the case, then the sun is shining brightly on Pitt.

I didn't talk to Shayne at the game but I can tell you this about his visit. He came over to the Zoo with Cameron and watched the game for a few minutes with the Zoo. Not only that, but Shayne and Cameron were both wearing Oakland Zoo shirts. There were many signs and chants from the small Zoo crowd. At this point, I'm fairly confident that Wannstedt will be getting a silent verbal from Mr. Hale and we will continue to keep the Wannstache recruiting train rolling.

Stay tuned folks, this is just the beginning.


Jeff Long said...

You should rename this site the CRAP BASKET, graduate, get a job and donate money to the program, otherwise you are pissing in the ocean, no one in the ad's office gives a shit about you and the other 10 lame pitt football fans who used to bug me when I was at Pitt!


Anonymous said...

how are they lame? because they dont blindly agree with every dumbass decision some people have?

DPJ said...

Haha, well if we bug you so much then why are you reading the site.

I learned long ago the only impossible thing in life is trying to please everyone.

I do this site because I love Pitt football, want to share the inside information I have, and want to provide opinions to the Pitt community.

Pitt has a small base of fans, but they are great because you know they will turn on each other in a second, and turn on a player in a nano-second.

Despite all of that, I still love my university, I will graduate, and I will donate.

Hell, I've already graduated from Pitt once and Jason Jones is finished too. I do donate with my ticket purchases and through other donations. So, shit, all that is left is to rename this site to the Crap Basket. Looks like a name change is in order.

Ron Jeremy said...

a small base try 5 or 6!!!

do you dress as a yellow seat during home games?

DPJ said...

I proudly wear my cat basket shirt or hoodie to the games.

Pitt's base is small, but the small base is very strong. For football i'm glad that we have about 10,000 passionate fans that will follow the team instead of 40,000 that go because "it is the thing to do".

I don't care if I was at Heinz field watching the game by myself, I will support Pitt no matter who else does. So when Pitt starts going to more BCS games and regains the power we once had, I will be glad to say I was there for every loss and every win.

I love this team, I love the fans who support the program, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

J Jones said...

Dude I'm totally down for renaming the website the Crap Basket. Then we can devote it coverage of 2girls1cup and other things I'm afraid of.

Seriously everybody who doesn't like the site go out and write your own site. Then send me an email so I can read your website every single day for an entire year. I will then use my wit and sense of humor to come up with a new name for your website.

It will be like a hating community of people who have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Humor, you guys make me laugh my ass off because your knowledge of football is childish.

Thanks for the laughs!

Remember call Pederson and bug him and try to tell him what to do with the football program!

Remember he wants to hear from children who donate $20 a ticket!

Pitt fans are the worst, keep up the amusing work, your "inside information" just astounds me daily.