Thursday, December 20, 2007

New York Taketh, and New York Giveth

Panther faithful, don't feel too bad about losing Sales and Collier to New York's own Syracuse University.

Our Panther's have given us something to cherish with the amazing come from behind win against Duke tonight. We try to keep this football based, but when your school does something amazing, then it deserves full recognition.

Congrats Panthers, December has been a great month.


J Jones said...

Way to go on bringing the content during my 3 day crazy after graduation spree. Best part of it all I totally caught me a super nasty head cold/sore throat.

Not being able to sleep at night yet sleeping 6-7 hours in the afternoon bad times.

I've calmed back down. Very good and happy Jones is all the way back.

Pitt-Duke is the signature (Non-Big East Tournament Final) win of the Howland-Dixon era of Pitt Basketball. There I said it. I like the basketball content......Perhaps somebody around can do some more.

J Jones said...

Crap Basket