Thursday, December 20, 2007

Orange Bound

Somehow they did it. Greg Robinson and is highly disappointing Syracuse team looks to be in great shape landing two 4-star recruits that were highly interested in Pitt. Today at 3 p.m. Marcus Sales will be announcing his college choice. Originally he was very high on Pitt, but after landing a few more Wr's in this class and given our already existing depth and Wr, it makes sense for Mr. Sales to go to a place where he could earn playing time much earlier.

The second player who is probably going to end up in Syracuse is Kevan Collier's younger brother Averin Collier. Collier was almost a Pitt lock from day one when his recruitment was opened. However, given last years recruiting class, a redshirt year for Kevan, and the emergence of Shady McCoy as the best running back in college, it really made Averin look else where. Clemson seemed to be high on his list but an offer never came putting the battle between Pitt and Cuse. Dave Wannstedt has been very open with Averin and told him that his future with the Panthers would be on the defensive side of the ball and not at running back. I'm not sure how much Kevan can do to sway his brother to Pitt, but if he wants to play running back and not defense, then I'm not sure how much convincing can be done.

While it looks like both of these talented players will be at Syracuse in the fall do not underestimate the power of Wannstedt when it comes to recruiting. If Collier, Sales, and even Alexander wanted to come to Pitt we would find room to bring those three in, as well as some other players we have our eyes on. So before we get all in a tizzy that we lost some players to Cuse (if it happens) just keep in mind that those players want to play in spots where we are extremely deep at. If in fact they do go to Cuse, do not hold it against them. They are 18 year old high school students that need to make the best choice to help further them in life. Whether it be in Syracuse or Pitt, I'm just glad they felt good enough about our University to consider it a place they would like to spend the next 4 or 5 years of their life.


Dennis said...

Your info was right on Sales. Lets see if your prediction on Collier is right tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

2 for 2 there DPJ

Foge Fazio said...

Collier would have never seen the field if he went to Pitt!!