Monday, December 3, 2007

In games like this, legends are made.

That was the quote tonight from Dave Wannstedt on PanthersWeekly. Just think about it. All of us who watched this game will always remember the night we held WVU out of the national championship. We will remember Shady McCoy breaking the all time Big East rushing record. We will remember the game where Scott McKillop showed the world that he is the new premier linebacker in college football. We will remember this game as everyone trashing Pitt saying our players couldn't match up, our coaches couldn't match up, and that this game was only a formality until WVU finally had a real shot for a national championship.

Despite all of our weaknesses and handicaps, we found a way. We showed the world how the spread could be defeated. We showed the world that anything can happen. We showed the world that our Panthers are not as far behind as people thought they were. This game should propel Pitt to a top 25 ranking next season. This game should give us reason to believe that the "benchmark" year that next season is, really can shape up to be a special one. Hardly any of the teams in the Big East will improve skill wise as we will. We get our 3 big games (wvu, louisville, and rutgers) at home. We have a chance to get redemption against Notre Dame for our embarrassing loss 2 years ago.

Our players did not quit. All season long there was reason to give up and pack it in, but we fought in each and every game. We saw the highs of upsetting Cincy. We were dejected after the rutgers and louisville games. Today, none of that matters. We are Backyard Brawl champions. While we do not have another game until opening night 2008, there are very few other ways that we as Panther fans can go into the offseason and feel great about where we are.

Thank you seniors, thank you coaches, thank you everyone else involved with this Panther team. Every year we could go 1-11 as long as we beat WVU. You have us on a great path and I can't wait to continue this ride.


Anonymous said...

Great work. I stumbled upon this blog at work today and passed it along to all of my friends.

I believe this is the game that changes our program around. I was ready to give up on Wannestedt after the Connecticut and Virginia games but the team rallied in the second half.

Certain changes must be made, but at this point I'm very glad to have Paul Rhoads and Dave Wannstedt on board with us for the future.


Kurt said...

before anyone gets real excited, we have a huge hole at QB. no proven talent. Need a juco Qb, center and ot. Mckillop could go early to nfl and is our only legit lb. ol needs lots of work. I still think our defense got better once Wannstedt was in the booth. I'm not sure the improvement wasn't Wannstedt calling the plays vs Rhoades. I hope as all Pitt Fans everywhere that this is a springboard, but I remember the Fiesta Bowl was supposed to be a hallmark of better times.
Hail to Pitt!

pat said...

No way McKillop leaves for the NFL this season. Yeah, he had a solid season and stepped up on Nat'l TV against WVU, but think about what next season could do for his NFL stock. Being on a top-25 team (hopefully) and going to a bowl, while being consisdered as a preseason all-american will do wonders for his potential.

Rhodes may have secured his spot as the DC, but he also may have landed himself a HC job somewhere else (a la JD Brookhart). Hopefully a change is made regarding the offensive coaches (Dunn and Cavanaugh). They still need to go so someone can take this talented offense to the next level.

J Jones said...

McKillop isn't going anywhere he will be much better served by the hype on him from the beginning of the season.

In reference to the JUCO quarterback it appears as though thats the plan with Greg Cross or another big time JUCO.

I think if we stay relatively injury free the offensive line(sans the loss of Otah) could be much better. The players waiting in the wings are highly talented. Also there are rumors that the center position is going to be solidified with a JUCO.

Injuries destroyed our season and hopefully next year will be much different.