Monday, December 3, 2007

Disjointed Thoughts About 13-9

I don't know what to say other than its finally great to have something positive to write about. We are 5-7 but we have the marquee win of a generation to build on. Saturday in Morgantown feels like the start of something great. Standing on the steps of the Cathedral singing the fight song is the Pitt-centric sporting moment in my four and a half years here at Pitt, two weeks before I graduate.

All the credit in the world needs to go to Coach Wannstedt and Coach Rhoads. In one night Paul Rhoads may have destroyed the WVU Spread for good. His gameplan was perfect and played to every strength of our defense. For night we had the best defense in the entire country, WVU had no chance with the speed and physicality our guys brought to Morgantown. Coach Wannstedt exploded with enthusiasm and energy he looked like he wanted to jump on the field and make the tackles himself, I couldn't believe how ready our team came out looking.

Scott McKillop and Shady may have earned their place in the Panther Hall of Fame in one game. Shady has done everything he could possibly do in his first season as a Panther. On and off the field he is the perfect college player and we are in for two more years of greatness. He was a one man offense and it worked to perfection. Meanwhile, Scott McKillop has replaced an NFL player HB Blades and looks to be twice the player he was. I have never seen a college linebacker with his tackling ability, our defense was engineered to force WVU to go near McKillop because he would put them into the ground. I know everybody has crowned Dan Connor the Next Great Linebacker but McKillop needs to be considered for every post-season award.

Every member of our much-maligned Senior class played great and truly earned their spot. Jameel Brady and Mike Phillips made key players that I never thought either could make. Strong made the biggest catch of his entire life to save a drive. Mike McGlynn opened holes for Shady. I really don't know where these performances came from but if they were saving them up they picked the right time to unleash them.

I don't want to say anything about the officiating other than I hope those officials all lose their jobs. It was a disgrace to the conference the way they called the highest profile Big East game in years. Steve Pederson better have got on the horn to lodge an official complaint.

I don't know what else to say other than savor the moment Pitt fans. Our three years of mediocrity may finally be over and a new day has come. This one game I think has earned Wannstedt his contract extension and solidified Paul Rhoads' job. I still can't believe that it happened and the ramifications of this game will be felt for years.

I've never been more happy to be wrong about a game and a coaching staff. I already got what I want for Christmas!!!

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Studzy said...

now the tone has been set as to how much we expect from these players. if we can completely shut down a running QB, which to my mind was our greatest weakness, we made slaton seem like a hapless child. their WRs were the biggest threat on saturday, and they still had a mediocre game, because let's face it, pat white is not going to be a quarterback in the nfl, should he go there.
I'm gonna eat my words and say that bostick was not ready this year, but i would rather him learn this way that learn by watching. he is an incredibly dedicated player with great presence, vision, and reflexes. he is smart. unfortunately he still needs mechanics work. those INTs should not have happened. still, i see a VERY bright future for pat. if he works out those kinks he'll put matt leinert to shame.
next year there will be some huge QB controversy. My boy Billy Stull vs Cat Basket. Right now it's looking like billy is gonna take the job back, which will give the true freshman time to learn and build on an incredibly solid foundation, fortified with a year of hard knocking experience. it's so easy to forget how young pat is. he's only 18. he is too young to have felt a woman's warmth... well maybe not.
you know what? this is a very good problem to have. we have two good quarterbacks competing. we have a running back who has an NCAA freshman record, and he didnt even play in the first game!!!
shady, if there is anything i can do for you to make your stay in pittsburgh more comfortable before you make some sort of grand ascension to college hall of fame and sure nfl hall of fame, let me know. i dont want to hype you up any further because it is simply overkill. your stats and performance do all the talking necessary. be smart. don't lose focus. you are a blinding brilliant light from heaven