Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thats 2 for the good guys.

Robb Houser and Greg Cross both sent in their LOI's today. Coach Wannstedt said that both will enroll in January and be available for spring practices. Right now you can pencil Houser in as your 2008 starting center.

Cross is a very interesting signing. He has amazing speed and a decent arm. He will be a true threat when running the wildcat. Instead of just having Shady run it or hand it off to TJ Porter, we can actually throw the ball now. As far as running our regular offense, Cross will be battling with Billy Stull and Pat Bostick. Bostick has the most D1 experience, however Stull was the starter heading into the season last year. Cross overall has more game experience than both of them plus he played in a very competitive JuCo conference. I would love to make an accurate prediction here, but this thing is wide open and I have no clue which direction the staff will go on this one.

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Mike Gottfried said...

They better recruit QB's; Bostick will never see the field at Pitt again.

His mechanics are horrendous, he has a weak arm and he is very slow in reading defenses and I'm sure he can run the forty in 6.1 flat.

He was very over-rated coming out of high school and is a marginal D1 prospect.

Look for him to transfer because he will be 4th string next year.