Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wanny's Press Conferences Make Me Think I'm Crazy

Over at Pittblather they did a great write-up of the Wanny's weekly press conference. If you ever get a chance go and read the transcript or listen to one of these things, you will question your sanity almost immediately. Wanny could be one of the greatest blame deflectors in the history of sports. 

Wannstedt does something that I absolutely love and he has been doing this for over three years, no matter what the situation we are never seeing the team at 100%. Its always an injury or its too early in the season or we have too many inexperienced players but the team is never at 100%. I imagine that if we ever got to 100% the entire team would become immortal and a black hole would develop in the north endzone at Heinz Field.

No matter how crippling and how embarassing the loss is Wanny spins it into a benefit to the team. Getting beat by Bowling Green was some sort of wakeup call and it got the team more focused. That is true but isn't it Wannstedt's job to make sure the team is always focused? Of course not and thats the beauty of Wanny's deflections. He pushes the blame down to the team for a lack of motivation when motivating a group of college players should be the coaches job.

The topper to the Wannstedt press conference deflections are when he flat out tells the media what they want to hear so they will get off his back. Last week we heard about how Nix and Baldwin needed to get playing time but when gametime came around neither really got significant playing time. I'm not calling Wannstedt a liar when he says things like this because thats too harsh but he is most certainly misleading people on purpose to deflect critcism. He does this every single week because of his personnel decisions. It has be because he is arrogant enough to believe that the media shouldn't question a guy with his much experience.

Losing as many games as we have has been the worst part of the Wannstedt coaching tenure but these press conferences are fairly embarassing. It makes me long for the days of Walt Harris and his oddly morose speaking style to the press.

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