Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adam Gunn's injury worse than expected.

Well I will admit when I am wrong. During the game I got a text saying that Adam had a concussion. During one of my columns I reported that it was a concussion. Well, the early word was wrong, I was wrong. Adam has a cracked vertebrae and will likely miss the rest of the season. Even if he could return by the USF game in December, I hope he is wiser than some other players (especially one NFL linebacker in San Diego) and chooses to sit out until he is fully healed. Any injury involving the neck or spinal cord must be treated delicately. He is still eligible for a medical redshirt and could extend his Panther career by one year.

When he returns next year he will be guaranteed a starting spot even if his replacement (Greg Williams) has an all pro-season. He will still be a senior while Williams will be a redshirt sophomore. In this system seniority rules, so Adam, play it safe, sit out 2008 and use this time to progress and turn yourself into an NFL linebacker if you can.

All the best Adam.


Dan said...

Maybe we can move Dorin back to LB. I'm sure our genius coaches think this will be a great idea.

Maybe Jovanni Chappelle, Buddy Jackson, Ricky Gary, or hell even Irvan Brown can play linebacker.

Does out of touch Wanny realize we have Shayne Hale sitting on the bench?

You know, a guy who was an Army all american linebacker?????

Wake up wanny.

Michael said...

paul dunn would still send gunn out there. that's scary.

PittInCT said...

Guess now we'll see if talent/potential trumps age/experience. I also hope Gunn does it right and just redshirts. At least there was finally some accountability from Cav in the P-G article today. Now let's see if he actually adjusts after it...

J Jones said...

Greg Williams earned that spot with his play in the second half so I expect Wanny to have him split time with everybody on the roster. Maybe Taglianetti can play some linebacker its not like we have depth at this position at all.