Friday, September 19, 2008

Cat Basket Podcast Number 17

It's the Iowa preview!!!

Cat Basket Podcast Number 17


johnny said...

The only thing that I could think to do with the name Shane Murray would be if you two did a jump off of the Bill Murray scene from Coffee and Cigarettes. That movie sucked, but the Bill Murray scene was pretty good and I think that DPJ could be like the GZA and Jones could be like the RZA saying stuff like "Shane Central Catholic Murry!" or better yet "Shane MLB Motherf*cking Murray!"

You could even consider taking him to the Sphinx Cafe and suggesting that he order some herbal tea.

Pitt causes serious delirium. HTP!

johnny said...

A few quick observations after this afternoon's game.

-Good to see the play calling open up a bit, but I still feel they took their foot off the throttle after they got up 14-0. They can get away with that against Cuse, but not against USF.

-Good to see the Wildcat but I think we need to use it more. After those 5 straight series of 3 and out, it would have been a good change of pace. Hopefully we continue to integrate it.

-Couldn't tell from the tv if Nix got in at all. It looked like Thomas for the most part. I only saw Baldwin on 1 play as a decoy.

-Uncharacteristically uneven game for Shady, but he redeemed himself like Shawshank with the touchdown.

-Greg Williams is a beast. The kid is physical and loves to hit.

-The D-line continues to improve every game and I think that Mick and Gus are going to start consistently blowing up plays in the middle. Sheard is proving that he can be the real deal.

-Kirk Kurt Raef Lafrentz Ferentz cost his team big time by sticking with Christensen.

-At one point the camera panned to a couple of guys wearing Cat Basket t-shirts. Don't know if it was you, but if you taped the game, look for it, I think early in the 2nd quarter.

-Looking forward to the postgame podcast later. Enjoy the rest of the evening and the Noles-Weak Forest game should be worth checking out at 7 tonight. Off to Doke for some festivities.


John said...

F Wanny and Cav:

You guys suck so much. I hate you. You did your best to lose this game but hey even a broken clock is right twice a day. The announcers for this game were equally AWFUL!!! Pam Ward is such a dike and the guy she was with was such a doofus. ("What is that QB from the Eagles anyway, whatever his name, Christensen sure reminds me of him.") It is embarrassing ESPN would hire some tard who is going to say something dumb like that. That was just one example. The one and only intelligent thing they said was the last series Pitt had the ball not counting the kneel downs. It was like 3 and 7 and we came out with 3 WRs lined up to the right. Retard boy says, "I sure hope Pitt isnt going to do that WR bubble screen because that has not worked all day." Two seconds later we run that retarded play and it gets blown up like an atom bomb. For the love of God can you please tear that page out of the playbook. I have never seen anything positive come out of that gay play. Even the retard announcer could recognize the play before we ran it and knew that it would be a disaster. No Nix, one play for Baldwin, Austin 'walkon' Ransom plays the whole game, and hey the Wildcat scores a touchdown so lets not use it again. We get a 14-0 lead and sit on it AGAIN! All great calls dickhead dave. Now Davey Wan is saying how this is a turning point for Pitt and how great a job he did getting them turned around. Why dont we have a parade down Forbes for you Dave for beating probably the worst or second worst team in the Big Ten. With our talent this game should not have been a one point nail biter. In a way I hoped we would have just gotten embarrassed so Nordy would fire these knuckledheads and remove this cancer of incompetence on our program. I have never been so mad after a win. DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

johnny said...


Reading your post was what I conceptualize mine would have sounded like had it been less sugarcoated and written by Sam Kinison. And I mean that as the highest compliment possible. Tremendous stuff!