Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Monday Thoughts

After the bye week the news hasn't been exactly pouring in and I have been trying to forget the first two weeks. I thought I touch on a topics coming into the Iowa game.

  1. Elijiah Fields taking a starting job is not a big suprise at all. Fields played much better in the second half against Buffalo than DeCicco had the first game and a half. What puzzles me about this move is how Wannstedt and Bennett seem to be on two different wavelengths. Bennett says Fields is the starter and Wannstedt said that Fields is and has always been a co-starter with DeCicco. Wannstedt coming out and immediately correcting his defensive coordinator seems completely uneccessary and adds more fuel to the fire about Wannstedt being incompetent when speaking to the media. 
  2. I seriously doubt that the Wildcat formation was being saved for the Iowa and I doubt we will see it at all this week. Cavanaugh has come out and talked about how he should have used the Wildcat and Cross during the Bowling Green game. My feeling is that you can read between the lines of Wanny's comments about it being a "run-only formation" and a "gimmick offense" as we aren't going to see this anytime soon. The part that makes no sense is why even recruit Greg Cross if your going to ditch this formation or if your hiding the formation why not at least give Cross a couple of plays at QB the first two games. Cross has never played a down of D1 football and getting him used to this level in the first two games may have been a good idea.
  3. Despite the fact that we lost the opener against Bowling Green we can still win the Big East. The Big East has gotten so poor (except South Florida) that if we can play reasonable football we can win every single game (except South Florida). This team has the talent to make an impact if by some act of god our coaching staff gets it this could still be a big year.
Be back tomorrow hopefully with more news to write about.


dugdogmaster said...

As far as Decicco is concerned, I believe The Stache is just trying to protect the player, his feelings and all.

The situation with Cross is unreal. Play the kid! You recruited him and stole him away from what could have been a very good career. Granted, he more than likely wouldn't have gone beyond college, but come on. Cross is probably wondering what the heck he was thinking coming to Pitt

johnny said...

The most baffling personnel situation is undoubtedly Cross. At least you can make the argument that Baldwin and Lucas Nix theoretically have 3 more years after this, but to use a JUCO kid in this manner is nothing but a wasted scholarship.

I hope that Cross doesn't become the football equivalent of Doyle Hudson.

[Note: Do any of you remember the giant platinum spinning hubcap Doyle would wear. It had a gold chain and was the size of one of Flava Flav's clocks. It was tremendous!]

johnny said...

Crap, another off topic question for you guys. Obviously Cat Basket and the Oakland Zoo blogs have crossover readership and writing talent.

How are you guys going to handle recruiting visits, if at all? In other words, if top basketball recruits are reported to be visiting for the Iowa game, or conversely if blue chip football recruits are visiting and taking in a game at the Pete, who blogs about what?

I would love to see the students get more involved and able to show the recruits some love a la "We Want Shady!" from a few years back.

DPJ said...

I never saw Doyle's hubcap. Every time I saw him, he was always wearing an Earl Campbell jersey.

I used to ride the elevator with Chris Taft in Thackeray and he always had a giant silver medal or something he would wear.

As far as blogging about who is coming, we usually try and keep some names off of the site since we don't want to get in trouble for any recruiting violations. We do however usually have someone post the name in the comments section, or let people be aware of it on facebook.

While we won't come out and say word for word who is coming and where they will be, we make it pretty obvious so that people know who to expect.