Saturday, September 27, 2008

Live Blog Pitt vs Syracuse

Well here we go again. It's a road game so the live blog returns. I'll be doing the majority of the blogging but DPJ will make an appearance or two.

10:58- No worries in the Chelsea game 1-0 up on Stoke in the first half. How pumped are the Georgia fans today? Although they do have some unattractive cheerleaders, didn't see that one coming.

11:02- I hate these human interest stories they put on every single sports show that ESPN produces. It was like when we hosted College Gameday for basketball and Rece Davis made a fake crying face when talking to Jamie Dixon about his sister. They all seem so demeaning and unnecessary.

11:08- Is it possible for Kirk Herbstriet to come off more unlikeable?

11:14- I like how they have the Yankee Stadium Monument Park for dogs. Also Julio Jones shouldn't have over 10 receptions, HE IS A FRESHMAN AND HE COULD MAKE A MISTAKE.

11:20- Why did the Colorado fans rush the field when they beat WVU? I would like this explained to me.

11:25- Biz Nasty giving it to Ryan Hollweg last night!

11:37- 2-0 Chelsea, Anelka with the goal and yes I realize you don't care but I do so just humor me.

11:57- Anybody else getting nervous. I always get like this right before games under Wanny.

12:00 - DPJ is here. Anyone planning on listening to Sweet Caroline at the end of the 3rd quarter?

12:05- How stupid are those mousetraps?

12:07- This is the worst camera angle and crew I have ever seen.

12:08- Turner with a drop early on, who didn't see that one coming. (dpj)

12:12- Ok two things Stull can't throw a fade and we need to attack more on 3rd down. We always run the same types of plays on 3rd down.

12:16 - Ugh, we're losing to Syracuse. (dpj)

12:23 - Stull gets McGee killed, Turner runs the wrong way and does not get the first down, then we have a delay on a punt......I hope this is just first road game jitters. (dpj)

12:26- That screen on 3rd down is the most Wannrific call I have ever seen.

12:29- The good news is that Shane Murray isn't playing. Also our defensive line is getting dominated. Good times.

12:33- Down 11 to the worst team in the nation. Wanny is the best!

12:37 - Good thing my tuition dollars that went to athletics were wisely spent on mouse traps.........

12:39 - This isn't going to stop. They are destroying us at the line of scrimmage. Our defenisve line hasn't sniffed the running back yet. Thanks for the undersized defensive tackles and linebackers playing defensive end.

12:47 - At least the stadium noise is carrying over through the commercials to make me laugh. It's the simple things in life that matter. (dpj)

12:57- Lee is a good kicker that is something I guess.

1:07 - Hot Rod really is doing well this season. That was a very nice run.

1:10 - Hot Rod has saved this game. Poor play call on 3rd down but great effort.

1:20 - Thatcher starts because he is a senior. That is all have to say after that long run. (dpj)

1:49 - Aaron Berry could you do me a favor and look for the ball once? Really great catch though.

1:50 - I agree with Jason Jones. That was an incredible catch.....Incredible.

2:03 - Stull has to make that pass. No excuse for that.

2:22 - That was a nice 34 yard run by McCoy. Thats the end of the 3rd Cuse 24 Pitt 16. Baldwin has his one play of the game in the books so it looks like we get to wait until USF for him to come back out. (dpj)

2:24 - The damn stadium mics are on during the commercials. This is very annoying. (dpj)

2:26 - Excellent run by LSH. He really has had a good few games this season. I would like to see the wildcat for the 2 pt conversion, but Stull hits a nice fade pass to Baldwin and the game is now tied! (dpj)

2:49 - Shane Murray gets in, Sheard strips the ball and Romeus recovers. Good play.

2:55 - TOUCH DOWN HOT ROD! 34-24 Pitt. That should seal the deal. I'd just like to note that I predicted us to get 34 points.......Thank you very much. (dpj)

3:04 - Joe Thomas is injured.

3:05 - the game ends with Thomas hurt, Collier getting some carries, and no sign of Greg Cross. This was a very embarrassing win. (dpj)

3:06 - It was a win that's all I'm saying. Wanny actually took a slight bit of blame about the special teams giving up the touchdown.


johnny said...

Sadly, Comcast doesn't carry espn 360 so I will have to go to the bar and watch the game. Wish I could stick around to chat. HTP!

J Jones said...

Its on ABC I believe

Michael said...


Michael said...

i just shat myself on that kick return

johnny said...


The game may have been on ABC, but you forget that I am presently in Tallahassee, so the UF and Miami games were of regional interest. Both of those jokes lost, anyway.

I want to look ahead to Thursday a little with a few bullet points:

-The key to this game wasn't winning big for the sake of making a statement, it was to rest our starters for Thursday.

-Thomas got dinged up in the end, so by default we may have ended the debate over playing Lucas Nix.

-Invisible Man...what else is there to say about no Greg Cross and no Wildcat before the biggest conference game of the year?

-The Austin Ransom experiment at LB must end. I actually saw Murray play today. Would have been nice to see some of the others get some snaps.

-Stull is gritty, but my God, his arm is suspect. Nearly got Ced killed on a few routes.

-This is perhaps my most important point. Much has been said about the Buddy Morris system and the logic of making these guys lean and undersized. If there is ever a time where that system will be tested, it is this Thursday in Tampa. The humidity in Florida is vicious and the air these kids will be breathing is heavier. Consequently, they will liberally need to sub along the lines. This is also why I would have liked to see more action from some of the Florida boys from The Muck who are presumably used to playing in humidity this bad. Specifically, I feel that Ricky Gary, Buddy Jackson, and TJ Porter playing today was a necessity rather than a luxury. It is good that Greg Williams, Gus, Sheard, and Romeus look to be clicking, because we will need all of those guys.

Jaws said...

They (barely) beat syracuse by ten, and were getting their asses kicked most of the game by a clearly inferior opponent.

Granted that this has been a week of upsets by teams that "shouldn't have won" but seeing the same cooks cooking with the same losing recipe (no baldwin, no cross, continual bad play calls [too may to even BEGIN to list], etc) that game was pathetic (that makes four this year), and STILL makes me sick.

I can't help but wonder two things when watching non-PITT games/highlights so far this year:

1) why is it that top programs don't hesitate to play talented freshmen? E.G., I have all the respect for what Ransom has done, but is he better than Hayle among other soph/freshman? Another e.g., why hasn't the coaching staff pulled Turner for a series (or many) for his MULTIPLE non-catches EACH GAME even though the WR corps is so supposedly deep.....BALDWIN, among a host of others?!?!?!?

2) Pryor, after watching this latest PITT trainwreck (even though it was a win, it was ANOTHER very ugly one), clearly made the right decision not going to PITT. Perhaps he spoke with Dorin Dickerson in making his college decision?

one last point....Wanny is great at recruiting but he is clearly not cut out for the college game. Whether in football or life, the lesson is clear - evolve or fall behind.....and Wanny has fallen WAY behind. Sorry Dave and Cavy, but two to three STRAIGHT RB draws up the gut just doesn't cut it in the college (or professional) game's no longer 1976 and you actually have to use your brain to get ahead these days.