Friday, September 26, 2008

Pitt-Syracuse Predictions

Well its the first road game and the first Big East game but luckily its against Syracuse. The Carrier Dome is a place that we have had problems the past couple of trips but this season will be different. Syracuse is perhaps the worst team in BCS conference history and they are just biding their time until they can hire Lane Kiffin. All that being said, I'm extremely worried about this game. Onto the predictions:
  1. We will have our first 100 yard rusher and our first 100 yard reciever this game (Shady and Kinder). The offense will be able to be successful against a Syracuse defense that was overwhelmed by such powers as Northwestern and Akron. I think the turf and the bad Syracuse defense will allow for a couple of 40 yard plus plays. 
  2. Defensively I think we will see a 3 or more forced turnovers. If we can bring the level of pressure that we did in the fourth quarter of the Iowa game the defensive line can make some big plays. As long as the invisible man doesn't travel we could see Shane Murray back in the starting line-up. 
  3. The coaching staff will make this game much closer than it has any business being. I see us jumping up 14-0 then the reigns will be tightened and Syracuse will slowly pull back. This is a game that we have no business losing but the fear and pessimism that coaches the team will make it hard. Wanny ball will be out in full force in Upstate New York.
I'm looking forward to watching the game on tv so that I distance myself from the emotion and fustration that has enveloped Heinz Field during the first 3 games. Syracuse is not good and this game is a bridge to that national tv opportunity against South Florida. Nothing is impossible with Wanny but this game is as close to a lock as there is in the nation.

Pitt 24 Syracuse 10


DPJ said...


johnny said...


3 Touchdowns for Shady, 1 to Byham/DD.

Brian Ising said...

27-14 (38-7 if the invisible man misses the flight)

I agree that Shady will get 100 yards. HotRod might break 100 too. Syracuse's run defense is pretty awful. HotRod ran for 221 the last time we played up there.

Wanny already said that Ransom will start, but Murray will play, which is the same thing he said last week, which was a lie.

Number of plays for Greg Cross: 2

Number of plays for Jonathan Baldwin: 8

Number of plays for Lucas Nix: 0

Number of plays for Shane Murray: 3

Admissions from Cav that he called a crappy game: 1

Admissions from Wanny that he called a crappy game: 0

johnny said...

In case you missed it, Tyler Lorenzen broke his foot in the UConn-Louisville game tonight. Former Notre Dame recruit Zach Frazer should be their starter for the foreseeable future and I don't think Donald Brown can sustain 30+ carries per game.

Add to this the fact that Louisville may have perhaps the 2nd worst offense in the conference, and things just got a lot more interesting in the Big East this evening.