Thursday, September 25, 2008

Predicting the Rest of the Season

I thought I would bring back a column I haven't done since before Buffalo and give what I think the current temperature of the rest of the season is. This will all prove to be wrong probably starting this week but let's do it anyway
  • At Syracuse: This has to be a win no matter what. A loss against the worst program in the country would completely erase any ounce of momentum we got from the win against Iowa. Robinson is a lame duck coach but this team being bad is much more than just coaching. Chances of winning: 97% (I'm not discounting our poor play at the Carrier Dome but this team is just bad beyond bad)
  • At South Florida: This game will define the season. If we win, the BCS Bowl bid is within reach. If we lose a close one, we could still finish 2nd or 3rd in the Big East. If we get blown out, this season will be the same. Chances of winning: 35%
  • At Navy: They are not half of the team they were last year, and I can't see them running the option as productively as they did last year. Chances of winning: 90%
  • Rutgers: This is a team in disarray but we always have trouble with Schiano coached Rutgers teams. I think the result of this game will depend on how we play against South Florida. If this game comes after a great performance in Tampa, I think it could be a solid victory, but a loss would make every game a battle. Chances of winning: 70%
  • Notre Dame: I see this game as a guaranteed loss because of the pressure of a national tv audience on the coaching staff and the fact that Notre Dame is much improved. A win in this type of environment could be beneficial to the program down the line. Chances of winning: 25%
  • Louisville: This game is a crapshoot. I have no idea how we compare to Louisville this year. Chances of winning: 50%
  • At Cincinnati: We always play well against Cinci and I think that we will be able to keep the River City River Boat River Phoenix Trophy. Chances of Winning: 70%
  • West Virginia: HA!!!!! 13-9. Chances of Winning 13-9%
  • Connecticut: We haven't played well against the Huskies and I'm not sure if this game is going to be any different. Chances of Winning: 40%
The way I see it 6 wins is a worst case scenario. Our schedule on paper is comical and it seems impossible not to put together a winning season but with Wanny nothing is impossible.


johnny said...

Color me optimistic, but assuming we take care of business against Cuse, I like our chances at USF more than you seem to. USF's season came apart last year once they started getting some national recognition on a big Thursday night game on ESPN. While they are surely talented, they also have a short week and a more talented, albeit marginally, NC State team to prepare for this weekend. Bump that up to 50% from me.

I definitely agree that how well we show up at USF defines how well we show up against Rutgers. Also, UConn just seems to have our number.

As for Cincy, Rivers Cuomo, Doc Rivers, and Philip Rivers all agree that it's Pitt's game to win. On the other hand, Joan Rivers criticizes us for Block Pitt and Dinocat, and thinks Pitt loses unless they go back to Script Pitt with royal blue and mustard. You know, for tradition and shit.

No word from Melissa Rivers.

DPJ said...

The only problem with that USF thursday night game last year was that they beat the hell out of WVU.

johnny said...


DPJ said...

The only reason I remember that was because I watched it with my bitch ex girlfriend who was a hoopie. Needless to say, she was very unhappy that night.

johnny said...

Hold on there, DPJ...the series of tubes known as the Internets seems to speak a different tune. Looks like we were both onto something as the WVU game was on a Friday and the Rutgers game was a Thursday.

Personally, I remembered it because I was having drinks after a class that I couldn't stand. Good to know that negative feelings are stimuli for remembering sporting events.

DPJ said...

I was wrong. Good fact finding Johnny!