Friday, August 15, 2008

What Dorin Dickerson Can Bring to the Offense

One of the bigger stories of the offseason was the movement of Dorin Dickerson from linebacker back to the offense. In high school Dickerson and in brief glimpses his freshman year he showed potential to be a great college player. Last year he was moved, out of necessity to linebacker, which was met with very little on-field success. Off field though Dickerson continued to develop a heavier and more powerful body which is going to help him immensely this year at the tight end position.

At tight end Dickerson is going to create matchup problems for every defense that he faces. He is too fast for most linebackers and too physical for most safeties. Also he is a great route runner and can do something whenever he gets ahold of the ball, remember he was almost put on the depth chart two years ago as a running back. Coach Cavanaugh is going to have another offensive weapon to exploit the middle of the field and allow Stull to have another release value.

Nate Byham is the star of the tight end group because of his all around NFL-level talent. Byham can block extremely well, has seperation speed, and can make any catch on the football field. Dickerson isn't close to as complete of a player that Byham is and will be more a situational weapon. In time Dickerson will develop as a blocker and will become used to the tight end position but this year we need to limit exposing his weakness.

Hopefully Dickerson is given as much freedom from the coaching staff that the guy he is replacing Darrell Strong was

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