Sunday, August 31, 2008

Podcast Later Today

Just wanted to give everybody an update that there will be a podcast up by the end of the day. We recorded it right after the game yesterday so you will get our thoughts. Please read DPJ's column which summed up some of our feelings from yesterday.


johnny said...

I want to reserve my thoughts until after I hear the podcast. Suffice it to say it was pretty bitter watching this game in a bar in North Florida while fans of tOSU and State Clown College were celebrating blowouts around me.

Kurt said...

Same old Pitt, we suck, the coaches suck, and our talent is overrated/unmotivated take your pick. should be 15 schoarships revoked after this game. thought the oline did ok considering we threw 51 times, and they blitzed on every play once they figured out we weren't / couldn't throw long and were keeping baldwin on the bench in favor of oderick "look ma no hands" turner, and cedric "fumblitis" mcgee. and what the heck, throw in aaron "butterfingers" smith. yeah with that kind of talent around what was baldwin thinking coming to Pitt? would have looked good catching passes from pryor. at least sweater vest might have remembered he was on the bench and put him in oh lets say for the heck of it.. after the 10 th dropped pass.
most listless game I ever saw.
at least st penn kills the renta stiffs like a good team should. Wanny and the team should wear bags over their heads untill they beat Iowa.