Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top 25 In The AP Poll

Well the first AP poll of the season has been released and the Panthers are in the top 25. This solidifies the expectations that have been placed on the team this year. Hopefully, this stint in the top 25 goes better than the last time we came into the season ranked in the top 25 under Wannstedt.

First Polls of the Season


johnny said...

Off topic since the stories out of camp are becoming redundant:

Jones, are you enjoying the Summer Olympics thus far? Any keen observations beyond Phelps being a beast?

What do you guys think of Whitney's foot surgery? I think it makes keeping Sydor a key move in hindsight and I think Letang and Goligoski will step it up to fill the void.

J Jones said...

Phelps is the man probably one of greatest athletes ever to live. The guy is such a winner whenever he gets into the pool.

On the Pens front losing Whitney is going to put the onus on Letang to develop his offensive skills. He will need to eat power play minutes with the second unit. Also we could see him move up a pairing to take Whitney's place. I'm not completely convinced that Letang is far enough along offensively to do all that though.

On the Gogo front I see him spending the majority of the season still in Wilkes-Barre. Keeping Sydor around is a good thing, despite the albatross of his bad contract because of his experience. We won't need to rush Goligoski into a role that he isn't ready for yet. Another dominant season or half a season in Wilkes-Barre can only do him good.