Friday, August 29, 2008

Predictions Week 1

I did these for every week last year and I thought I would bring it back. Hopefully I can have some of the same success I had last year guessing stats for certain players. I'm usually completely wrong about the score so take that for what it is.

Here are my Week 1 Bowling Green Predictions:
  1. Shady is going to have a big stat padding game, although I have a feeling he will get much less carries than he will later in the season. Also I expect to see Shady touching the ball more in the passing game. Stat Line: 16 carries, 144 yards, and 2 TD's 4 receptions 50 yards
  2. Bill Stull will have a fairly decent game against a weak defense. With Bowling Green keying on Shady early I could see us stretching the field and getting a big play or two. More importantly Stull needs to come out of this game injury free. Stat Line: 16 for 21 220 yards 2 TD's
  3. Our leading receiver is going to be the returning Derek Kinder. He will have a couple of decent sized gains but will catch the majority of the passes from Stull. The main thing to look for with Kinder is how he makes his cuts and deals with the physicality of the game. Stat Line: 6 receptions 115 yards
  4. The defense is going to have a giant game and I could see them creating a turnover or two once they get used to the offense of Bowling Green. Look for much more pressure and a big sack total from the defense. This will be a great opportunity to see the level of talent we have on the defensive side of the ball.
Now for the numbers that matter the final score. I can't see this game being that big of a blowout on the scoreboard just because its the first game. We will dominate the majority of the game but the offense is going to need time to gel. The game will be out of contention early and it will be an easy win.

Pitt 31 Bowling Green 7


Michael said...

we're in trouble here, guys

Anonymous said...

no sweet caroline, what happened

Cat Basket said...

We are in deep deep trouble.

I believe that we didn't see/hear sweet caroline because of the way we had that huge downturn in the 3rd quarter. If they would have played it then, no one would have been into it.

Unfortunately next week if we are doing well by the 4th quarter, I fear no one will be at the game to be into it.

The podcast will be up later today.