Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week In Review (Sort of)

I thought today I would just try to give an overview of what we know coming out of the first week of camp:
  1. Jordan Gibbs started out at left tackle over Jason Pinkston but has already moved into the primary back-up role. Pinkston played very well last year and seems to have renewed the confidence of the coaching staff in his abilities. The battle for the 5 offensive line positions is going to have a few more twists and turns in the upcoming weeks. Watch the battle for right tackle and if Lucas Nix can make a move for playing time over Joe Thomas.
  2. The freshman on offense are very good. Obviously, Jonathan Baldwin is the marquee player of this class and he has shown off his immense physical talents. Tino Sunseri has gotten a few mentions in reports for his ability to throw a great ball. Nix as stated before has really came into camp ready to go and ready to assert himself as a starter.
  3. The depth on defense at every position is unreal. Battles for playing time are going on all over the place and new defensive coordinator Phil Bennett has a tough job in figuring out who to play and not to play. Athletic cornerback Buddy Jackson has been getting a ton of press for his speed and size.
  4. On the negative front it appears as though Derek Kinder is having problems with his knee and its taking him time to get back into the full swing of things. Doug Fulmer, who I feel will have a giant season if 100%, has missed a few practices this week.
This first week has shown what we had all hoped for that the recruiting successes of the past three seasons have translated into immense depth. The expectations for certain players and the entire team are constantly rising. Something about this camp and the perception from the media seems different and seems better in some ways. I don't want to jinx the team at all because in camp the situation can change in a second but things are looking extremely promising.

Check back tomorrow for more of our coverage of camp.

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