Monday, August 11, 2008

No Redshirt For Bostick?????

The quarterback situation in camp is starting to become clearer and one thing is becoming apparent, there will be no redshirt for Pat Bostick. Kevan Smith the backup coming out of camp last year hasn't separated himself from Bostick and the coaching staff doesn't seem to have any faith in him to back up Stull. No matter how you look at it Smith's performance last year after Stull went down was subpar, he doesn't seem to be the answer. Bostick, although he had his fair share of struggles, went out and won some games. Another big bonus from Bostick has been his dedication to the offseason program for weight loss and stregnth training.

After last year Bostick redshirting seemed to be a forgone conclusion but Coach Wannstedt seems to be putting a huge importance on winning this season. If Stull goes down again Bostick is the only quarterback we have that can win us a game. Being the backup hopefully Bostick will be able to see enough practice snaps that he will only continue to get better. Sunseri is going to redshirt this season so we will have him in contention for the next four years. Bostick is going to need to be far enough along in his development to win the starting job two years from now, which without a redshirt will be Bostick's senior season. Losing a redshirt season will be slightly detremental to the programs depth overall but hopefully Bostick can gain more experience in practice.

The overall point of this entire quarterback situation is that Bill Stull needs to be ready from snap number one on opening day. Unfourtunately his injury has put him in a situation where he hasn't had any real game experience. He is the most important ingredient to the success of the team this season.


johnny said...

Perhaps the logic behind the coaching staff is that they have faith in Stull but he is still somewhat unproven as a commodity. This way, Bostick can get a lot of reps in practice and if Stull works out, there is still the possibility to redshirt Bostick next year.

As far as long term QB depth, hopefully they are confident that they can land Paul Jones or Rasheem Jones with Sunseri bridging the two years after Bostick's senior season.

J Jones said...

Oh I completely agree on that point. I think that Stull and Bostick are it in terms of QB's this year. The Smith experiment is over and Cross is only going to be a situational player.

Down the line I have a feeling that the coaching staff rates Tino Sunseri highly. He could really be the next Stull in two years.