Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Panther Fan Challenge

We are a few days away from kickoff and I believe that most Panther fans are excited for this upcoming season. Things are now coming into place with the team giving us hope for a great season as well as the push by Steve Pederson to make this season the best it can be for the team and for the fans. That is why I am putting this challenge out to everyone. I will challenge myself, Jones, the readers of this site, the other Pitt blogs around, and anyone who is a Panther fan.

I am challenging you to be Panther loud and Panther proud at the game. I want to see everyone with a ticket in their seat at least 30 minutes to kick off. I am challenging you to clap and make noise for Pitt as we take the field. I am challenging you to sing and clap along to the fight song. I am challenging everyone to yell P - I - T - T LETS GO PITT! I am challenging you to clap, bang on seats, or yell when the defense is preparing for a 3rd down. I am challenging us all to be better fans.

The team can feed off our energy and we can make a difference. We will also change the perception of Pitt football and show that there is passion for Pitt football.

Don't be afraid to be the only one in your row or section to clap or sing or make noise. We are all Panther fans and we shouldn't be embarrassed to support our team.

Lastly, I am challenging everyone who reads this to challenge someone else. This is the year we can turn things around. This is the time where hopes become reality. This is the year where we make a difference and where the team makes a difference. We as fans must do what needs to be done. Don't let this challenge pass you by.


johnny said...

Listen to Jones and DPJ and make sure that you and all of your friends roll out of your dorm rooms or apartments and take the buses to town. Make the day an event since even if you aren’t 21, there will be plenty of places to go and eat and you have a holiday weekend ahead of you.

Once you are at the game, stay there. Don’t be a fair-weather fan and bounce at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. If one of your roommates, sorority sisters, or people on your floor get up to leave, be the alpha male or female and encourage them to stay for the whole game. Don’t be embarrassed to stand during the game.

Have a sense of ownership in your team and your University by watching your classmates on the field representing you, the alumni, and the fans. College sports are a unique atmosphere since there isn’t the level of disconnect between players and fans as there is at the professional level.

Commit to the team and commit to your University. Stand up and yell so that so much noise echoes off of Mt. Washington that the Duquesne Incline rattles. I don’t want to steal the thunder from further posts on tradition, but there is no sight in all of Pittsburgh more glorious than the Victory Lights on the Cathedral after a big win welcoming you back to Oakland.

EdLauck said...

as a passionate season ticket holder, i'd settle for not being told to sit down when i stand up and make some noise on a big 3rd down play when the other team has the ball. how's that for starters??

Cat Basket said...

I've mentioned to the athletics department several times this summer about different instances where I have heard people being told to sit down or that they were "making too much noise".

The response I received was, "Well it looks like we will have to find some where else for those quiet fans to sit".

I think that is much better than the "too bad" that we would have gotten under Jeff Long.

When you're at the game on Saturday and making noise, if someone tells you sit down or to be quiet tell them you're supporting their team and you can do what ever you want to do.