Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello to our new readers

Well after tabling all day with the Oakland Zoo and handing out info about Pitt football, I'm excited to welcome the new readers of the Cat Basket to our site. Jason Jones and myself (DPJ) have been doing this site for a while. We like to get inside information to post as well as to provide opinions and predictions.

Also this year we started doing weekly podcasts (the next one will be up shortly). We really have fun talking about Pitt football and think that the Cat Basket is a great forum to share our opinions as well as give information to the readers.

We also have our Cat Basket shirts which I am very proud of. If you stopped by the table today and didn't sign up for a free shirt, you can email us at and I'll make sure you get a shirt when they come in. Just make sure you let me know your size so that we have a proper amount for everyone.

Again, thank you for reading the site, and welcome to our new readers. If you ever have any questions or anything like that for us, feel free to contact us by email, facebook, or on the comments section.


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Michael said...

i recommend that the new readers look at the archives. there is some quality stuff there, namely the live blogs, which detail our immediate reactions to televised games.
Hail Billy