Saturday, November 17, 2007

You Play To NOT Win the Game!

So here's my in game update. This team just wants to lose. Those qb sneaks on the first few plays of our goal line set were crazy. It didn't work once, so fuck it, we'll do it again.

Good McKillop is playing very well. However, the rest of the defense is playing too hit or miss. Williams and Bad McKillop should not be starting in favor of Romeus and Duhart. It just doesn't make any sense.

Kennard should never see the field again. He is awful.

Phillips is the worst safety in the big east. Give us Dicicco.

The pass interference call against Jovanni was bullshit. They should have never gotten that call and that would have stopped Rice's long TD run.

Bostick is not playing well. A lot of bad choices and problems with his mechanics are really hurting this team.

I love having false hope for this team only to have them break our heart each and every saturday. As Jones just said "Watching Pitt play is like getting raped".

Oh yeah, offensive line, way to keep sucking.

Ray Rice, enjoy your 2nd Paul Rhoads still running club award.

Paul Rhoads, i hope you get fired and never spend another day in football again.

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