Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Don't Root Against Pitt

On the surface a Big East team getting into the National Title game is great, it brings prestige and attention to the conference. If WVU beats Pitt by a significant margin on Saturday they will have a legitimate claim to one spot in the National Title game. Our season has been over since the phantom pass interference call against Rutgers; why do we need to ruin WVU chances to win the National Title?

Obviously, they are the main rivals that we have (actually the rival that we actually get to play). I think effects of WVU winning and getting the BCS National Title will be felt for years and years to come. WVU will get the boost in recruiting of being on TV and being in the discussion of the national sports media, something we never get in football other than to take swipes at our coaching staff or to laud the rare great player. Potential recruits are going to get to see pieces about Dick Rod turning around the WVU football program, making him look better in their eyes (many of whom we both go after). Wannstedt has done a terrific job of bringing in the top talent in the region but what happens if WVU gets even more of those kids? Wannstedt isn't Walt Harris he can't win games with second-rate recruits, in order to win games we need top recruits all over the field.

Do me a favor next time somebody tells you that WVU beating us is good for the Big East and therefore good for us, tell them to shut up. WVU winning and getting a shot at the National Title is going to be horrible for us and will continue to separate the two the programs. Right now WVU is light-years ahead of us in coaching. Position for position we probably have more talent but that means nothing to us because we don't have the expert coaching they have in Morgantown. I hate Dick Rod's arrogance but I really respect what he has done with what the reality is at WVU, he is a great college coach who is on the fast track to a marquee job.

If WVU dominates and puts a stamp on us to end their season I'm very concerned about what this means for WVU on signing day. Terrell Pryor is out there and he has WVU in the picture, if they can get him away from the bigger schools we are screwed. Pryor would basically be Pat White Version 2.0 and Noel Devine would be Steve Slaton 2.0. Do we get another win this decade against the Hoopies if they reload in such a big way?

So if you root for WVU on Saturday you might as well keep rooting for them over us for the foreseeable future. Screw the Big East we need to look out for Number 1.


dennis said...

Doesn't matter who we root for, they're still gonna rape us.

wvurules said...

You are a flaming idiot!

1. WVU out talents Pitt one for one easily...good god, quit reading the paper and watch the game, understand the game. We dominate Shitt, i mean Pitt!

2. all of you pitt fans talk about nfl recuits...stop that! you do yourselves a serious discredit! Do you want pitt to be nothing more than a farm team for the nfl? If so, then be happy...that is not what I want of my team.

3. Hire a freaking coach...seriously...fire wandstadt now and hire skip holtz...he will turn that program around in 2 years and you will challenge us!

that is all the advice i have for you idiots...it is a lost cause anyway, none of you even understand the game of football...i live in pittsburgh and I am surrounded by you...I know.

Hoopie Hater said...

Pitt's DLinemen and TE's are much more talented than WVU's.

Secondly, look at the powerhouse Miami teams of the 90's. They were an NFL factory, so you can win with NFL caliber players in college. You just haven't seen most of our NFL caliber players get on the field due to poor choices made by the staff.

Our coaching staff is bad and changes will be made, Wannstedt is safe for now though. Partridge, Dunn, and Cavanaugh should all be gone after this season.

If you're saying Pittsburgher's don't understand football that's a loaded statement. There is a large group of yinzers who really do understand football. There is also a large group of yinzers who do not understand football. I'd say about 50% of Pitt fans do understand. 90% of hoopie fans are just drunken rednecks with nothing else to do on a saturday.

I hope we win and your sister says no sex for you.

Kurt said...

best thing ever happens wvu wins national title alanta falcons hire rich rod, some flaming idiot "paul rhoades" takes over and wannstedt dominates for years to come. as far as noel devine, how much longer can even wvu keep hime elgible??