Friday, November 9, 2007

Panthers in the NFL

Well, there has been quite a bit of talk this week about the Panther's success in the NFL and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at this team and see who all will go from playing on saturdays to playing on sundays. I'm only going to look at the starters since it would be unfair to judge players with a lot of potential who just aren't getting any playing time.

Pat Bostick - Right now, Pat is on the path to the NFL. If he remains the starter for the next 3 years then I think he will make it on to a roster. He may not start and he may even bounce back between an active roster and the practice squad. With the right coaching this summer and over the rest of his career, his throwing motion, footwork, and overall strength should be able to improve enough to match his natural football IQ.

Shady McCoy - NFL 1st round pick. Easy enough.

Conredge Collins - He will be the first fullback selected in the 2009 draft. He may not get used much as standard fullbacks like himself are not being featured as often, but he will still see significant playing time in the nfl.

Oderick Turner - Will not make the nfl.

TJ Porter - Still seems a bit too early too tell. He has NFL caliber potential, but at this juncture he hasn't shown enough yet to warrant being drafted.

Darrell Strong - He might not be able to block well and he may drop some passes you expect him to catch, but his athleticism will make him an early day 2 pick.

Jeff Otah - I'm saying right now he will be a 2nd round pick. He's a huge left tackle who has done everything expected of him from the moment he has stepped on Pitt's campus. He will be our biggest loss this year, but someone in the nfl is going to get a good player out of our loss.

CJ Davis - I don't think right now that he has played well enough to earn a spot in the draft. He still has another year to prove himself though.

Chris Vangas - He has a very small shot at making an nfl team. Most likely he will be an undrafted free agent. I just don't see him playing on sundays.

John Bachman - Nope

Mike McGlynn - Despite what his dad would have you think, he will not be in the nfl.

Joe Clermond - He really has had a strong season this year and is a huge part of why the defensive line is the best in the Big East. He's not going to be a guy that all teams fall in love with, but I could see him being a Sessions type of player where a team believes he has "it" and uses a later day 2 pick on him.

Mick Williams - The sophomore has a couple of years left to work his way into the NFL, but I would say right now the odds are stacked against him.

Chris McKillop - He will not be in the nfl. His primary back up, Greg Romeus though, is on pace to be a solid day 1 pick.

Rashad Duncan - Duncan is a solid player, but the problem is there are many players out there who are almost identical to him. He has to do something to set himself apart with his time left here at Pitt. If he doesn't, well, at least he will have a degree from Pitt.

Shane Murray and Adam Gunn will be lumped together - 0%

Scott McKillop - He has been having a very solid season and really deserves some recognition. If he keeps up this high level of play, someone will give him a chance.

Kennard Cox - Put that Pitt degree to good use because you sir are no Torri Cox.

Aaron Berry - Aaron has really stepped it up these last few games and is becoming the player we all expected him to be. With solid progression, someone will give a corner with decent size and speed from a big (albeit poor) major d1 school.

Mike Phillips - No

Eric Thatcher - Probably not

Conor Lee - He is a very good kicker, but his kickoff ability really needs to improve if he wants a shot. I am going to say no only because there are only 32 jobs available as place kickers in the NFL which really puts the odds against him.

Dave Brytus - He will be a professional. Except it will be in MMA or UFC, not as a punter.

Matt Cavanaugh - 100% Matt will be picked up by someone at the end of this year. I really think we should send him to Indy to be Peyton Manning's QB coach, agreed?


Maximis said...

What about your boy big Nate Byham Dave?

Anonymous said...

Nate doesnt start dumbass. Strong is the tight end.

This blog sucks.

DPJ said...

I bet your blog is better, OH WAIT YOU DONT HAVE A BLOG! You don't even have the balls to leave your name.