Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not Good

I'm going to come at this loss and writing about it a little differently than DPJ. I really lost hope in this season after the loss in Louisville. This season every break has gone against us and we aren't finding ways to win we are finding ways to lose. I can't believe the pass interference call against Turner was made at the end of the game, to take a game away from a team on a tic tac call is inexcusable. I'm glad that the team is staying competitive in these games but the constant waiting until next year sentiment is growing old. Coach Wannstedt has been given all the time any reasonably talented coach should receive in turning this program around and he hasn't done it. I hate to say turn the program around because we were in bowl games before him and now a winning season seems almost impossible.

I think next year is going to be a disaster unless something changes big time in the culture of Pitt football. When watching the game on TV I really notice how clueless Wannstedt looks on the sideline. He does trick plays at odd times and they never work. He plays the wrong players time and time again. I don't even know if changing assistant coaches is going to help this team. Wannstedt projects an image of losing and failure onto this program and we continue to live up to it. Either he needs to magically gain coaching talent or he needs to release control of the team to a new batch of assistants. As long as he is in charge we are going to continue to have sub-par seasons and bad losses. You are who your coaches are and our coaches are a bunch of losers.

The powers that be that forced Wannstedt onto the Athletic Department need to take a look into what they have done to our football program. Every idea of what Pitt football should be and whats important in a face of the program you have is wrong. Our football program is basically ruined by tired thinking and uninspired hiring. I hope somebody in power here, perhaps a new AD, brings a new thinking and a new attitude to football.

It's only going to get much worse if Wannstedt and the program don't change. Color me completely disappointed and dissatisfied with this whole situation and this year.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you delete the post that makes you guys look like a bunch of whining 10 year-olds? Great journalism.

Secondly, you judge Wannstedt's coaching based on the fact he "looks clueless" on the sideline. How about we blame the players sometimes. Like say our tag-team of suck playing safety. Thatcher and Phillips blow. Blame the o-line for failing to pull correctly and get a block at the goal line (I'm looking at you Joe Thomas). Yes, Wannstedt is a terrible coach. However, we also have some terrible players (add Turner to that list-he's the least aggressive reciever I've ever seen).

Cat Basket said...

I deleted the post because the comment section was turning into a fight. This blog is to discuss Pitt football, not to cause our fans to fight with each other.