Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pitt-USF Game Recap

Not good times today at old Heinz Field. The outcome wasn't really all that unexpected but after how well we played in the first half it was disappointing. USF went into the locker room down at the half and made some adjustments, something we weren't prepared for. Grothe breaking that huge run on the first play of the second half really killed any chance we had to win today. Couple thoughts from the game:

1. Pat Bostick wasn't ready to play quarterback this season. In a perfect world Bill Stull doesn't go down and Bostick can be given a redshirt but that didn't happen. Before you jump to criticize me about waffling on Bostick he is the best option we have at this point. Kevan Smith played himself out of a job, we had no chance to win with him as quarterback. This position and the turmoil it has caused to the team is the on-field reason for our losses. I think we have to give Bostick some time because he is a true freshman who has lead us to wins in the Big East. He may be a bust but we aren't anywhere close to the point where we can give up on him.

2. There are two legitimate game-changing players on defense in Scott McKillop and Greg Romeus. McKillop has quietly had a fantastic season. It seems like he makes every tackle for our defense and is always a threat to strip the ball. I think he has to be mentioned as an All-American candidate. Romeus has given us a defensive end that can get to the quarterback and create havoc. He is doing a great job and has earned his playing time.

3. The field at Heinz Field has gotten ridiculous, looking at the grass colored dirt that passes as a field is embarrassing. I know that the Steelers are priority number 1 but something has to be done about the field. It makes the program look bad when teams come in and they play on a strip of mud that goes up the length of the field.

Our season has been over for a while and today just kept piling on the garbage. Next week at WVU unless we pull a Miracle on Ice style performance we are going to lose and lose bad. I will say this right now if Wannstedt can go into Morgantown and deny them a BCS Championship bid I would give him a lifetime contract. That isn't going to happen but a man can dream can't he.


Anonymous said...

if wanny goes into morgantown and beats the neers on their own home turf, i'd give him my house... then ask for it back because i need a place to live, but that is how happy i'd be.
we just need to be a more flexible team. paul rhodes does not adjust his game plan at all no matter what happens. i mean, yeah, he does blitz a lot more but let wanny call the defense. next year with big gus comin back we will have an easier time stopping the run up the middle.

Anonymous said...

the field usually isnt that bad, the reason it sucked this week was the pa high school football championships. usually, its in pretty good shape