Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Jones Is Thinking: Week Who Gives A F

I thought I would bring back a pre-hiatus column this week and give my thoughts on our chances to finally win another game. Just for the record Eric Thatcher just stared at me in the computer lab and now I'm intimidated, although most everything intimidates me now. Let's get on to the meaningless percentages.

at Rutgers (35%): Rutgers is not good this year but we are just as bad if not worse. In the end I think the home field advantage leads Rutgers to a closer than expected win. On the other hand they could just completely blow us out but I don't think they are good enough.

vs South Florida (10%): I thought this game was a complete impossibility a couple weeks ago but guess what, South Florida isn't all that great either. I there are 58 WPIAL games at Heinz Field on Friday night, then it snows and hails Friday night, and then on Saturday the temperature is in the low teens. USF is definitely beatable now but I still don't think we get it done.

at West Virginia (1%): If Coach Wannstedt ever wanted to do something to make me a fan of his, he could win this game. How great would it be if we beat WVU with like two seconds on a fluke play and shut them out of the BCS? This football season has pretty much been a waste in terms of actual winning but if we could shut WVU out of a big time bowl its all been worth it. In the end though we will play to lose and guess what in the end we are going to lose.

I hope that we can get another win this season but it probably isn't going to happen. Just enjoy the last couple games of Shady's freshman season and more importantly Mike Phillips' illustrious career. Retire that mans number Athletic Department.

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