Monday, November 12, 2007

Clint, what a controversy

In case you missed it last night on Sunday Night Football, during the defensive introductions Clint Session decided to say what high school he was from instead of saying he was from Pitt.

Big freakin deal.

I don't get why people are so pissed off about Clint not saying how much he loves Pitt and instead honoring his high school. I think the players should say what college they are from, but they have a choice to pick what they want to say. When people ask me where I go/went to school I say Pitt. I don't think the Butler High alumni would be pissed if I refused to talk about Butler.

The best part is people find it completely reasonable for Willie Parker to say he's from Clinton instead of UNC only because his coach didn't play him. UNC is getting much more coverage about the announcers talking of how Willie never played and the Rooney's found him and helped him earn what he has today.

Maybe Clint hates Paul Rhoads and that is his way of getting back. Maybe Clint refuses to acknowledge he is from Pitt until we bring back the script.

Either way, it was a one second shot on NBC at 8:30 at night. I'm sure the rest of America doesn't care that Clint didn't say he was from Pitt. They're probably talking about Vinitieri missing the chip shot field goal.

It would have been nice if Clint said he was from Pitt, but he chose not to. We just need to man up and stop doing what we do best, bitching.


Anonymous said...

billy stull>clint session>sean taylor>god

Anonymous said...


Are you really from Butler?