Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 6 Jones Picks

Current Record: 16-11

Last week was a bit of a bounce back week for me. Washington and Georgia let me down in super close games. Here are some Week 6 Picks:
  • (21) Nebraska vs (24) Missouri: The best game that the Big 12 North can supply. I've stated before my trust in Nebraska this season so I guess I need to keep that going. This will be extremely close. Jones Pick: Nebraska
  • Georgia vs Tennessee: A real toss up of a game. I thought last week we saw a glimpse as to what the real Georgia defense is. Tennessee is an almost impossible team to pick in a game like this. Jones Pick: Georgia
  • (3) Alabama vs (20) Ole Miss: Here is the thought process I have going into this game; Ole Miss always blows their chances to have actual success but now that they have a loss they are dangerous. Alabama is by far the best team in the nation though. They have a NFL defense playing against college kids. Jones Pick: Alabama
  • (1) Florida vs (4) LSU: If LSU wasn't so overrated I would be more confident in picking the upset. Urban Meyer has difficulty winning in the Bayou. Tebow might not be 100 percent. All that being said Florida keeps the train rolling. Jones Pick: Florida
  • Michigan vs (12) Iowa: I'm going to use my famous formula of thinking the Big 10 is terrible here. Iowa isn't good enough to run the table in the Big 10, Iowa would lose 2 games in the Big East. Michigan lost last week to Michigan State in a close one and I think they get that win back here in another close one. Jones Pick: Michigan
Fun weekend of games this week. I think we will finally know if Florida is in the same league as last year's team by the end of the LSU game.

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