Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick Pitt-USF Thoughts

I think it is time for me to eat some crow and give Stull his due respect. The way he has played over the last two months has been nothing short of amazing. There was no indication to this level performance being within the reach of Stull. Yesterday, we saw a guy who was poised and played through a rough spot and led the team to a huge victory.

Despite, being the favorite here I see this as a breakthrough game for the program. The team handled the pressure of being in the top 25 extremely well. We dominated a top half Big East team and really put everyone in the conference on notice. 4 games left and the sky is still the limit. I can see us winning out just because of how well we played this game.

For the first time since we started this blog there is something meaningful on a national level. The Big East is within our grasp. Getting into the BCS would be an amazing thing for this team 5 years into Wanny's coaching era.

Let's Go Pitt!!!

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johnny said...

An Open Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Stull:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stull,

Please ask Billy the next time you see him if he has a preference on how I should prepare the dish of crow that I will be eating along side Jones. I was thinking of pan searing it with an olive oil drizzle, after marinating it in some olive oil, oregano, pepper, and lemon juice, served on a bed of pasta.

Also, please inform him that the multiple times that I said that he "flat out sucks" were not meant to be taken personally. Unless that was part of what has fueled his recent success, in which case, I meant every word.

In Bostick I still trust, though not until Spring '10.