Friday, October 16, 2009

Pitt-Rutgers Predictions

After Cincy putting the Big East on notice last night our task gets a bit tougher. The way I see it we have to run the table in the Big East to stay with the Bearcats. Tonight is game 3 of that journey. On to the predictions:
  • Dion Lewis is going to have another huge game. The way he has emerged on the scene in the Big East is pretty incredible. Every single game he has produced so this will not be any different. I would expect to see more Ray Graham if the weather is bad. Lewis 24 carries, 144 yards, 2 TD Graham 10 carries, 85 yards, 1 TD
  • I expect Tom Savage to come out of the this game looking like Joe Montana. There is no chance we get out of the base 4-3 so Rutgers will pass all the way down the field. Rutgers offensive line is a little underrated so the amount of pressure we put on UConn might not be there.
  • I think tonight is going to be a bounce back game for Stull. If he can put together an entire game like the 4th quarter against UConn he could be an All Big East player. The playcalling of Frank Cignetti will cause the Rutgers blitzing defense fits. Stull 18 for 24 235 yards 3TD
This game is going to have a bunch of scoring and a bunch of bad defense. We will never learn how to get a stop against a team that throws the ball. I'm reasonably confident in our offenses ability to put the ball into the endzone and control the clock enough to win.

Pitt 38 Rutgers 35


rkohberger said...

In the "Something to Think About" article this Blog stated "There is no reason for a team with our talent level to lose to a rebuilding Rutgers...NO REASON. The only excuse will be that the coaching let us down again."

I disagreed with that because I believe there are circumstances where the kids on the field can blow the game - regardless of how well the game was coached.

We almost saw a perfect case in point last night. Between our player's mistakes in the form of turnovers leading directly to 14 RU points, and two missed FGs - one which would have salted the game away - that loss, had it occurred, would have been directly on the players shoulders.

Personally I thought the game was well coached by DW and staff and they did everything in their power to enable the players to go out and execute for the win.

Which, when you boil down all the rhetoric about what coaches are supposed to do, is the only thing that matters - getting the players themselves to win the ball games.

I guess I'm saying that too often PITT fans point to Dave Wannstedt for everything that happens during the games when in reality the fingers need to be pointed in other directions sometimes also.

Anonymous said...


DW is pulling down a cool $1.0 million salary per year plus perks, as the Headcoach of the Pitt Panthers he is responsible for the product on the field, period. Someone has to take accountability, it is him.

That is why he can fire, hire coaches and make the call on who gets a scholarship or not.

Hey all I have to say is they are 6-1 and let's see how they respond to the difficult portion of their schedule. USF, ND, SU, WVU and UC will offer a stern test each week.

As I have said, win, and you are a hero and the booing and negativity will stop and DW can finally shake the "Dumbass Dave" stigma that he has endured since his coaching days in Chicago.

rkohberger said...

Maybe I misread that quote - it seemed that you meant in a specific game, at least it read that way.

I wholeheartedly agree that he should be held accountable, but that's where the can of worms gets opened up. Accountable to who's standards? if it were some fan's standards he may have been gone some time ago. Other fans are calling for his head if we don't win the BE this season. Does he get fired if we go 8-4? How about 9-3, but we win the BE? 10-2 without the title?

The bottom line with DW's accountability is that it is wholly dependent on what the PITT administration feels comfortable with and what their breaking point is.

I've pretty strong opinions on this - I believe as long as he put out an overall winning product on the field he'll be at PITT as long as he chooses to be... as long as there are no scandals attached to him or the program.

And really - who gives a crap about whether he has the stigma of "Dumbass Dave" or not? I guarantee he doesn't, I don't and why would any PITT really care what others think. Now, if it is indeed the PITT fans who feel this way about him, that's another story.

If he coaches well enough for the powers to be at PITT to be satisfied, and the fans enjoy the seasons he puts out, and the players are better men for having played for him - then it's all good and he'll probably be at PITT for sometime, but none of that will turn on the outcome of one game, or probably even one season.

Remember - something to consider when thinking about DW and his time at PITT - the Administration fired a guy who had lead this football team to the best seasons in 20+ years and got into a BCS game - which shows that wins are not first and foremost in their decision making process when deciding how long a HC should be retained.