Friday, October 23, 2009

Pitt-USF Predictions

Well we are currently in the meat of the schedule. Over these next 5 weeks the season will unfold. Can we keep our top 25 ranking? On to the predictions:
  • The game is going to be decided by our defense. We have to contain Daniels when he attempts to break the pocket and run. He is a much better runner than Wilson of NC State and he could gash us for huge plays. Another big factor on the defense is stopping the big plays in the passing game. Daniels has struggled with consistency but he has made some big plays. I have a feeling the defensive line will make up for the bad performance at NC State by shutting down the QB scrambles.
  • Dan Hutchins is going to have a big day kicking. With a potentially sloppy field the score could be low and the kicking game could come into play. I'm thinking we get to see some redemption out of the special teams. 3 for 3 FG
  • USF is going to stack the line big time against Lewis. They are going to force Stull to beat them and I think he will. I'm expecting this to be another game manager performance out of Stull. No turnovers either. 19 for 24 188 yards 1 TD
Tomorrow is homecoming and the Turn it Blue promotion so everybody wear a blue shirt. Hopefully, we can get over 50k despite the noon start time.

Pitt 16 USF 7


Anonymous said...

Wow, you picked a very low scoring game, I am going to go with USF 24 Pitt 14.

I think the defense will play a good game but the offense will struggle.

I hope Pitt wins but USF on the defensive front 7 looks very fast and Stull has had problems with defenses like this.

I will be wearing blue and at the game.

Brian said...

Pitt 31, USF 21. There's no way we'll hold them to 7 points. And there's no way they'll hold us to 16 points.

I think our passing game will struggle more than it has been because of their fast defensive line. But they're not as strong against the run. Shady had a big game down there last year. I look for Dion and Ray to have big games tomorrow.

Daniels scares the heck out of me. He's the kind of the player we always make look like an All-American for a day. As long as we don't give up too many big plays to Daniels, we'll be fine. Their running game other than Daniels doesn't worry me.

I think this is a really huge game for us. This is the type of game we always seem to lose. We get on a roll, maybe get in the rankings, there's a little excitement around town about Pitt football, we're playing a very winnable game at home, and we fall flat on our faces (see Rutgers, 2006). I'm really hoping that this team is different. If we can get this one and then beat Syracuse, we'll be 8-1 (5-0) and ranked in the top 15 when the Domers come to town. If that is the case, there will be a ton of buzz around town about Pitt football and those last 3 games (vs. ND, at WVU, vs. Cincy) will be huge national TV games with BCS implications. But we have to win this one to make those games all the more significant.

I'll see you guys in the garage tomorrow morning. And of course I'll be wearing my Royal Blue Cat Basket hoodie.

Kyle said...

No Turnovers? Such a prediction is tempting fate, I think. I think there will be one, but I hope it's just a tipped ball or receiver bobble, rather than a more classic Stull maneuver.

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rkohberger said...

Waleska - what do you think about the PITT game today?

johnny said...

Mr. Kohberger,

He'd be happy to tell you his prediction...once you let him know whether or not you will accept advertisements from him.