Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick Pitt-UConn Thoughts

The story of the game is the 4th quarter and how Stull responded to bad play earlier in the game. Throw out any expectations of how we should have won this game and just enjoy the fact that we won. I'm getting to the point now that all I care about is getting out of a game with a W. When Sweet Caroline hit at the end of the 3rd quarter you could feel the crowd become emotionally invested in the game and the team responded big time.

I think we can all respect what Bill Stull has done with his career here at Pitt in the last 6 games. He is being helped so much by the improved playcalling of Cignetti. Stull is a guy who is always going to make mistakes but he certainly has a backbone and the heart of a winner. I'm was as dissatisfied as anyone in the stadium with his play but he won the game. The way Jonathan Baldwin has emerged as a premier big play threat is a sign of great things to come for him.

Nothing has changed with the defense and we still have the same problem of being stubborn with the base 4-3. The linebackers are getting exposed in coverage and it appears that Wanny is more than willing to lose playing his style of defense. When we play USF and Cincy this is going to be a problem so just expect that.

5-1 that is really all there is to say.

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