Friday, October 9, 2009

Pitt-UConn Predictions

So here we are at 4-1 after a Louisville. I'm still not ready to forget about the NC State game and the problems that arose from that loss. Back at home is a always a good thing so here are the predictions:
  • UConn has a decent defense and maybe the best one we have faced this year as a result I think we will see the first struggles from Bill Stull. The hype around his numbers against the teams we have played is a bit excessive. I think he has played well above what he did last year and he should be commended for having the personality to persevere through bad play. All that being said, he still hasn't had to face a situation where the running game has been completely shut down. If he can continue to his current level of play I may join the group gushing over him. 17 for 28 195 yards 2 TD 2 INT
  • DPJ and pretty much anybody who has had to listen to me since camp has known how big of a fan I am of Ray Graham. To me he was the star of the camp at running back. Since the season started Dion Lewis has really taken over this job and has done great. What I hope that we will see is a two-pronged running attack with Graham gaining an extra 7-10 meaningful carries. Taking nothing away from Lewis, Graham needs to touch the ball more. Lewis: 24 carries 102 yards TD Graham 12 carries, 87 yards
  • Since Wanny came out and said that UConn is going to run the ball at us I'm convinced we will see a passing attack. If we can get the type of defensive line pressure we got against Louisville I feel we could have success. The key here is to not have our secondary cover, they are not good at it.
This is a game Wanny wins but nothing is for certain with this program. Despite what the feeling is leading up to the game about UConn having enough defense to stop us I doubt it. UConn is a bottom half Big East team and this is a game we absolutely must win.

Pitt 21 UConn 7


Anonymous said...

I agree a win, but it might be very close.

Pitt 17

UConn 9

Joshua said...

Want that NC State loss to look even worse? As I type, Duke (yes, that's right, Duke) is leading the Wolfies 42-28 with 3:21 left in the game. So, if I go by basic math, Duke > NC State > Pitt. Gotta make you feel really crappy, huh?

John said...

Your predicitons were scarily close to the actual numbers again!!!

johnny said...

The only thing that would make me feel bad right not would be rooting for some garbage team like the Dolphins.

I am sure that their sizzling 1-3 start is somehow Mr. Wannstedt's fault, though.

Beyond that, an esteemed logician like yourself must see how mathematical properties like transitive relationships don't readily lend themselves to sports in the way that they do to numbers.

The NC State loss sucked, but I'm over it. I choose not to live in the past, put to live in the present. A present which has Pitt on top of the Big East standings.


Joshua said...

1. I know that. I just said that to piss off dumb yinzers like you. Must make you feel really awful to choke away a lead to a team that couldn't get itself together to beat lowly, sucktastic Duke, huh?

2. You gotta purge the deadwood before you can bring up the future. Chad Henne is that future, so suck it.

3. I look forward to Pitt getting embarrassed in another bowl game this year. Pitt is just lucky that UConn pulled a Pitt (that is, had a big lead and choked it away). Wanny is trash, and Stully is a dumbass who will be exposed for the poor decisions he makes under true pressure when he plays WVU, Cinci, USF, and Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Josh on number 3 only.