Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pitt/Uconn Gameday Thoughts

Well I'll be at the Pete all day for a marathon of Pittsburgh sports (bball, football, and a hockey game) so I'm giving you my thoughts and predictions for what I believe will happen today.

Today will be the end of our drought in Connecticut. This is a year that we should be able to beat them on the road. They have some injuries as well as some issues off the field that should play nicely into the hands of our offense. On the defensive side of the ball we should dominate as we are a great run stopping team. UConn won't be able to see what Brown can do you for you as he should struggle to find running room all day long.

On the offensive side of the ball for the Panthers I think that we will see a heavy dose of Shady. Cavanaugh will keep things mild in what just might be his last regular season game as our offensive coordinator. Halftime of the WVU game was a turning point for this offense much like the Bowling Green game was. Stull will have limited amounts of pass attempts so expect lower than usual numbers from him. This will be offset by the increased number of carries for Shady and Hot Rod. This is a game where I can see them both going over 100 yards rushing each as both guy should have the opportunity to run the ball quite often.

On defense our 3 main guys will be Sheard, Romeus, and McKillop. Having the D-Ends seal off the outside and force the rush up the middle plays directly to our strengths. Scott is a tackling machine and will be able to grab anyone around him. If we can contain Brown, we are in great shape. One area we could be in trouble is if UConn decides to go Rutgers on us and throws it deep all day long. UConn has had some quarterback issues this season due to injury but it looks like everything is settling down for them now.

At the end of the day I expect a solid clock controlled game from the Panthers and a nice 24-14 victory for our Panthers. I also hope I never have to see DJ Hernandez in my life again as that guy has been a Panther killer.

So Lets Go Pitt (football)
Lets Go Pitt (basketball)
Lets Go Pens
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johnny said...

Go Pitt!

johnny said...

Glorious win and ballsy performance by everybody. Looks like we are off to El Paso in the Sun Bowl against Oregon State in a rematch of the Insight Bowl.

Last time we played them in a bowl, our marquee player Larry Fitzgerald had a breakout game that launched him to a Heisman run. Hopefully Shady follows suit. Just saying.

Let's Go Pens and Hail to Pitt!

dugdogmaster said...

Hail to Pitt!