Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cat Basket at the Sun Bowl

The reservations have been made and the Cat Basket will be making our first appearance at a Pitt bowl game. The reason for this is since the inception of the Cat Basket, we haven't made a bowl.

Instead of spending an arm and a leg, I was able to find a good deal by flying out of Washington D.C. on December 30th and returning on January 1.

I wasn't too keen on flying out of Washington as the weather will be a question mark and also because it is crappy driving 4 hours to get to the airport. Despite this, there is a great reason to go through D.C.

On January 3rd, the Panthers hoops team will be taking on Georgetown at the Verizon center. So I get to make my first ever road trip to Georgetown as well. Tickets from this game are as cheap as 10 bucks, so it will be worth the trip.

Also if you are interested to know, the Cat Basket will be staying at the Laquinta West. According to the posters on Pantherlair, it is close to the Sun Bowl and a nice hotel.

If you are planning on going and want to share your travel plans feel free to do so on the comments section. Also I'll be posting information about Pitt events in El Paso as I hear about it.


johnny said...

Off topic:

What do you guys think of the logic of bringing a QB in this class? Good move to build up depth, or not worth the reward with so few scholarships to give.

Best of luck to all of you during finals this week.

Michael said...

how much is that trip costing you?

DPJ said...

I am of the school that we should be bringing in 1 qb in every class.

Next year we will have

SR - Stull(rs), Cross
JR - Bostick, Smith(rs)
So - None
Fr - Sunseri

Obviously the best situation would be to redshirt Bostick next year and redshirt Kolby if he comes in so that we would have a group of QB's that could battle for the job.

We haven't seen Sunseri yet so the jury is out. Also, given the way those 3 star qb's from texas are panning out (Harrell and Bradford) I'm all for us recruiting there.

Florida and Texas are the two biggest hot beds of recruiting talent and if Bennett can get us some in roads there, then I say go for it.

I hope that we do get Kolby and in a couple of years see the battle between Kolby and Tino for the qb job.

As far as the trip.

Flight - 307 out of DC
Hotel - 70 a night
Car - TBD
Ticket to Sunbowl - Free
Room in Washington DC - Free
Ticket to the Georgetown game - 10 bucks.

Totaling it to 387 plus the car rental.

johnny said...

Thanks Dave,

That's basically where I was leaning with the logic as well. On another note, it's good to see Bennett using the Texas inroads, which puts to rest a question we had about whether DW just mentioned that qualification off the cuff. Like I said, I definitely wouldn't mind us pulling a couple of 2 or 3 star sleepers from there every year like we've been doing in Florida.

I don't pretend to get any great insight from a couple of minutes of video, but from what I've been reading, the kid reminds me off another 3-star Texan, Christian Ponder at FSU. Big enough to take a hit and run for a first down, but not too shabby with the arm either. And I can definitely live with that.

Ponder won't win you championships by himself a la Bradford or Colt McCoy but he can definitely set the bar higher than "efficient game manager who won't make too many mistakes."

Brian Ising said...

johnny, you're from Tallahassee, correct? A couple of friends and I will be road-tripping to Tallahassee next weekend for the Pitt women's basketball game against Florida A&M on Friday, Dec. 19 and the men's game at FSU on Sunday, Dec. 21. Will you be at either of those games?

johnny said...


I am actually from the Pittsburgh suburbs but live in Tallahassee now. I'll be back in Pittsburgh from the 13th until early January. I could not have been more disappointed that the games occur over break since I was ready to create an "Oakland Zoo, Tallahassee Chapter" sign.

If you are looking for a decent place to eat, check out Harry's downtown. Prices similar to the Olive Garden and really good sea food. It's only like 5 blocks away from the Civic Center.

I'll definitely be down for getting a drink with anybody back in Pittsburgh during the men's game, though.

Enjoy the town, it's pretty fun, but will probably be a little deserted over break.

Hoopies just went down, by the way.

Brian Ising said...

We'll do our best to represent the Oakland Zoo down there.

Thanks for the tip. We'll look into that.

Also, where is FAMU relative to FSU? Our hotel is the La Quinta Tallahassee South, which I believe is on the campus of FSU. We're going to both the women's game at FAMU on 12-19 and the men's game at FSU on 12-21.

johnny said...

Your hotel is about 3.5 miles from the Civic Center, which is at the north end of campus across from the law school.

When you guys go up Apalachee Parkway, it will bisect Monroe St., one of the main drags in Tally. The capitol and downtown will be right in front of you at that point. If you go another block down Monroe St., you can hang a left onto Tennessee St., which is basically the FSU equivalent of Forbes Ave. and runs parallel to the university. A bunch of decent college bars that way.

I'd strongly recommend doing Bullwinkle's on Friday. $10 cover and $1 top shelf liquor from 5 p.m. till last call. So, if you get a cab, it's only a 4 mile trip, and you can 'Get Goosed up' like it's going out of style. Really good music program here, so most places have good live music on the weekends. I was also in shorts and a tee shirt today, so the weather should be okay, but chillier in the evenings. Florida girls are very...aesthetically pleasing and much more friendly than the girls in bars up north, plus they always wear nice sundresses.

If you follow either Tennessee St. and make a left onto Stadium Dr., or just take Pensacola St. straight, (they run parallel to each other like Forbes and Fifth), you'll run into Doak Campbell Stadium. Both Doak Campbell and the Baseball stadium are really cool and you'll also see the circus tent. Yeah, dude, we have a circus down here. It's pretty funny.

FAMU is about a mile away from the Civic Center, to the east. So, we aren't as close as Pitt and CMU. More like Pitt and Chatham or Duquesne.

DPJ said...

Wait, so is it like a circus tent that is up year round?

Does the Circus actually go on down there?

johnny said...

Haha, yeah man click on the circus link and check it out. I thought it was trippy as hell when I moved down here. Though in all fairness, if we have a Clown College in Happy Valley, what's so weird about a Circus at FSU?

Basically, you can register for a phys-ed circus class and do stuff as an acrobat or juggler or stagehand or whatever and then in April they have some public performances. They also have a few other performances throughout the year. Think of it like those dudes on Friday afternoons in Posvar, "The Campus Fools" that ride unicycles and juggle, but with a greater purpose.

The tent is up most of the year, but even when it's down, you can see the circus grounds. It's behind right field of Dick Hauser Stadium and JD Drew used to pelt that thing during batting practice. I actually scooped up a baseball that Buster Posey smacked for a homer off of UVA, I think, that landed in the circus perimeter.

Remember that name once Alvarez turns out to be a bust, because Buster is the future franchise catcher who the Pirates should have drafted.

dugdogmaster said...

The Pitt Panthers Sportsblog is stating that Kolby now has Pitt as his #1 after Bennett's visit the other day. Sah-weet!

DPJ said...

I'm ready to proclaim Kolby as the best qb on the roster right now like some others do with Tino.

Maybe it's just my fascination with quarterbacks from Texas.

johnny said...

He'd be the second best QB on the roster. Operating under the other people's logic, he would need a relative with Pitt contacts or to have played for a high profile WPIAL school.

Obviously his 5A school in Houston would never be able to compete with AA powerhouses like Greensburg Central Catholic or established AAA teams like Hopewell and Blackhawk.

On a serious note, somebody on another site was complaining that he did not have offers from good enough schools. By my count, his offer list is more impressive than anybody's on our roster except for arguably Bostick. Just because Texas, OU, and Texas Tech already have quarterbacks lined up, it doesn't mean that he isn't good enough to play at a relatively high level for another school.

Matt said...

Houston's got nothing on the WPIALs...Obviously

Anonymous said...

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