Thursday, December 18, 2008

Add Tinker to the list

Most of us were surprised to see Ed Tinker in the crowd at the basketball game on Saturday night. I had thought that he would end up in Colorado as that was his favorite school last year. Well, after spending a year in prep school, he and his mom decided that it would be best to stay local. Today Ed Tinker made it official that he will be joining the Pittsburgh Panthers next season.

Tinker is an interesting prospect. We have plenty of depth at WR right now so there remains the option that we can move him to DB. While I wouldn't oppose it, I wouldn't be 100% behind it as he has had decent success at WR and that is his better position right now.

Hopefully this starts the domino effect on recruiting. Jordan Hill, Dan Mason, Kolby Gray, and some of the others who were in town over the weekend.


johnny said...

Mason, Malcolm Bush, Jordan Hill, Kolby Gray, and either Holmes or Nunez. Also throw in Shane Gordon for good measure. I have a feeling that Jason Douglas will help convince him to take a late visit. Let's do it!

Also, glad that I got to catch the Panthers at the Pete last night.

Brian, have a good time in Tallahassee this weekend.

johnny said...

And to further bolster my unsubstantiated hunch that Shane Gordon will be a Panther, check out the school colors of Cypress Bay High School.


Danny said...

Brian, if you are able to read this, take a picture of you wearing some Pitt gear out side of the Florida State tent.

rkohberger said...

Interesting that PITT picked up two City League players in Tinker and Clark. Maybe this will generate some interest in the local populace.

johnny said...

Regarding The Catbasket Challenge:

After today’s games, it looks like Jones and I have stormed out to a commanding 1 game lead, based on Colorado State’s efforts. I went through our picks and 10 of them are going to be a wash, since we chose the same teams (11 counting Pitt, but the tiebreaker score adds a wrinkle to that choice). We all took BYU this evening as well, so that game doesn’t matter.

Regarding the other games, there are 5 games where DPJ has the “unique” or “dissenting” pick, 5 games where I have the unique pick, and a whopping 9 where Jones has the unique pick, respectively. It should be an epic tournament, though it needs some mild heckling, like when I gently remind Jones that Miami lacks an actual quarterback and that DPJ and I know that Cal will run wild on them.

dugdogmaster said...

Word is Tinker just committed

dugdogmaster said...

Ronald Hobby, the prized DB from last year's recruiting class is done for good at Pitt already due to academics. What a shame.

rkohberger said...

DugDog(master) - Hobby wasn't the "prized DB" of our 2008 class - Jarred Holley was, the kid from Easton PA. It's confusing as their names are similar.

Holley is the DB who had offers from Florida, PSU, Michigan, Stanford, VA, etc.

Both Hobby and Holley were 3* recruits according to - Rivals lists Holley as a 4* player.

Anyway - Holley is one of the big recruits we got last recruiting season, not Hobby.

dugdogmaster said...

Yes, you're correct, thank you.