Monday, March 16, 2009

Keep this in mind during the tournament

It is OK to not root for WVU in the tournament. In fact, I encourage you to root against WVU.

This isn't like football where we need teams to win to help prevent against Big East Football bashers. In basketball, the Big East is top dog, we don't need any help.

I hate Dayton and I hate WVU, but I will be pulling for the Flyers to get the upset over the 'Neers.

Let's paint the picture of this memory. In 2006 Pitt was taking on 2nd round opponent Bradley in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. Pitt was kind enough to put the students in the upper deck while the "money" fans were down low being quiet as usual. Throughout the game Hoopies started to filter in as they played in the game after us.

Their students were given very nice baseline seats near their band. As the game went on, they proceeded to cheer for the Bradley Braves. The crowd was clearly pro-Bradley as they were the underdog. Until that point, I had always felt there was a "root for the Big East teams" policy, but WVU broke that.

That is the specific reason why I will root against WVU in everything.

WVU I hope Dayton takes you out and we win the Championship.


johnny said...

Not only is it proper and ethical to root against WVU, but it is also encouraged to root against any and all teams from The Big Joke Conference.

Also, best of luck to Agnus and the ladies. It's amazing that in such a short time she has turned the women's team around from Big East basement dweller to a #4 seed which can give hell to some of the most highly ranked teams in the nation.

Studzy said...

dolce et decorum est pro root against wvu

johnny said...

Study, that is easily the most tremendous reference in the history of the Cat Basket. Bravo, Good Sir.

Wilfred Owen for the win.